Repair your commercial plumbing issues with pipe relining 

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Your commercial plumbing might be out of sight, but as a vital part of keeping your business running, it shouldn’t be out of mind. Imagine if corroded sewer pipes were seeping into your foundation, or your compromised stormwater drain was causing flooding on your premises. 

Commercial plumbing assets are often within or underneath your premises, which makes repairs a costly, time-consuming and destructive venture. However, you can minimise the potential negative effects of conventional repairs by leveraging Nuflow’s commercial pipe relining solutions. 

What is pipe relining? 

Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) relining is different to traditional commercial plumbing services. It involves installing advanced composite resin into a damaged pipe, essentially creating a pipe within a pipe. The new relined section is fixed better than new, improving the flow rate and lifetime of your commercial pipes. 

Our CIPP relining is particularly effective due to the fact we are the only Australian reliners who develop our own resins in-house. Our solutions are custom designed by a team of chemists and engineers implementing cutting-edge technology to suit the specific requirements of clients across Australasia. 

The benefits of commercial pipe relining for commercial pipe problems 

Commercial pipe relining is more than just a quick-fix solution. It is an innovative, customisable and effective alternative to pipe replacements. Let’s investigate the benefits it could bring to your organisation. 

Less costs to your operations   

Pipe relining removes the need to knock down walls, dig trenches, or destroy any part of your property. Our products and processes have been specifically designed to enable you to maintain your operations throughout the relining process. Your local Nuflow will sit down with you to develop an installation plan that ensures your operational needs are met and tailor our approach accordingly. Because of this process, we find that most of our repairs can be completed within a day. 

This saves you from downtime expenses or the costs it would take to restore your infrastructure, not to mention what you save on labour. Depending on your site characteristics, you can save anywhere between 10% to 75% with Nuflow’s services. 

Suited for a variety of issues   

No matter what commercial plumbing issues your business is facing, Nuflow can help. Pipes come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, and our composite materials and linings can be custom-designed to ensure a solution. We can even perform repairs for junctions, laterals, dead ends, and patch relining. 

Just some of the commercial pipe repairs we provide include:

  • Cracks in stormwater drains or sewer pipes of new developments
  • Internal fire or water systems in corporate offices suffering from deterioration
  • Water mains and similar piping 
  • Reactive repairs for commercial plumbing projects 
  • Rural and farming assets 
  • Commercial and corporate facilities like shopping centres, hotels, theatres, etc. 
  • Public utilities and facilities like pools, drainage infrastructure, community centres and more.

Compliance with industry and safety standards 

With our materials produced in-house, we ensure all are manufactured to meet the requirements of the ISO:9001 Quality Management System. Products are also independently tested to ensure they meet international standards, including approval for potable water applications. This means that you can trust in the quality of the materials we use and that they are more than up to the task of repairing your infrastructure. 

We can also promise the safety of you and your people when we are onsite. We pride ourselves on adhering to strict WorkSafe practices by prioritising the safety of our workers and everyone around us. This is built into the approach to every job. 

Less environmental impact  

If your business is seeking to be more environmentally friendly or you have set certain environmental obligations within your organisation, investing in pipe relining from Nuflow is a smart choice. 

Our processes mean no digging or excavation, thereby eliminating environmental damage. Plus, without the need for big machines to carry out excavation, we produce significantly less carbon emissions. Our resins are also environmentally friendly and offer no impact to the surrounding ecosystem. 

Gain visibility over your assets

Along with our commercial relining, we can conduct proactive maintenance that helps you understand the shape of your plumbing. This includes an audit of your systems, with provided CCTV footage, identification of damage or deterioration, and a full report. The report details tailored recommendations for approaching repairs based on the potential consequences of certain pipes failing. 

During and after the relining process, we also produce detailed reports, footage and information on the job for your reference. To streamline this process, we developed a quality assurance application that logs all materials used and assists in registering your warranties. With our warranties being up to 50 years long, we consider it essential that these documents are thoroughly recorded and that you have easy access to them. 

Access the expertise of a fully qualified team    

The Nuflow network is expansive and filled with fully trained, qualified commercial plumbers and installers. All technicians are licensed and insured and are required to conduct continual product and workplace training. This ensures they can maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and products, as well as deliver solutions that take your specific needs into account. 

We combine our collective expertise with knowledge and insight sharing across the network. This helps us share complex solutions and gives clients across the continent the same high-value service. 

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Sort out your commercial plumbing problems with Nuflow 

No matter your industry or the kind of infrastructure you have, we are equipped with a solution. Our friendly team will operate with transparency and a commitment to getting things resolved fast, and to your budget. Leverage our commercial relining skills today, and get in touch. 

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