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Drain cleaning and clearing

Nuflow technicians are experts in blocked drain cleaning and clearing and have the latest equipment to clear clogged pipes quickly and thoroughly.

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  • Fast and effective
  • Pinpoint the exact location of blocked or leaking pipes
  • Prompt Service
  • Tailored solutions to your situation
  • Honest & Up-Front Pricing

Clearing Pipes

Stress free drain cleaning & clearing

Clogged pipes, drains and sewers that aren’t cleared can result in major disruptions, health hazards and costly repairs to assets in your home or business. The longer pipes go without blockages being addressed, the riskier the problem becomes.

Nuflow technicians are experts in blocked drain cleaning and clearing and have the right equipment to clear clogged pipes quickly and thoroughly.

Our plumbing inspection equipment pinpoints the exact location of blocked or leaking drain pipes. We then use a variety of methods including water jetting and specialised plumbing tools to ensure your pipe or drain is cleared and cleaned quickly and safely.

Clearing blocked drains

Our technicians are all licensed, trained and experienced in clearing clogged pipes with all sorts of problems, including heavy-duty clearing of debris from sewerage and stormwater pipes.

Our cleaning and clearing equipment easily manage pipe blockages caused by:

  • Tree roots
  • Faulty or damaged pipe work
  • Oils, fats and hair sediment deposits
  • Foreign objects
Clearing blocked drains
Pipe Cleaning

The blocked drain cleaning process


    Our equipment provides high-volume and high-pressure water jetting with a range of specialist nozzles to unblock drains from 40 mm to 2000 mm in diameter. Water is pumped at pressures of up to 5000 PSI through a hose which is inserted carefully into the blocked drain.


    The hydrojet hose is fitted with a nozzle which produces a stream of water forwards to clear the pipe ahead, and backwards, to produce enough force to propel the hose through the pipe.


    The high-pressure water easily cuts through tree roots and dislodges pipe blockages, flushing out sand, silt and other debris.


    Once the blocked drain has been flushed, we use a high-tech CCTV camera to inspect the pipe and identify the source of the blockage. We record the entire inspection and provide a copy for our clients to keep.

Benefits of drain cleaning and clearing

  • Fast and effective removal of blockages
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Prompt service
  • Latest equipment operated by trained technicians
  • Removal of all waste leaving the site clean.
  • Solution tailored to the pipe or drain size and the type of blockage
Nuflow Pipe Cleaning



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