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Blocked Drains

Let our Nuflow technicians fix those blocked drains fast. Local plumbers that specialise in clearing clogged drains and pipes, using the latest no dig plumbing technology and equipment.

  • Your Local Blocked Drain Specialists
  • Pinpoint Exact Location
  • Latest Drain Camera Equipment Used
  • Unblock Drains Fast!
  • Fully Licenced - Honest & Up-Front Pricing

Your local blocked drain specialists

Nuflow’s blocked drain specialists have stress free tailored solutions to fix all types of blocked drains:

  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Blocked Shower Drains
  • Blocked Sewer Pipes
  • Blocked Storm Water Drains
  • And ‘No Dig’ Drain Repairs

It’s important to identify and fix blocked drains sooner rather than later, before they become major problems that require costly fixes.

How do you know if a drain is blocked?

Some of the signs you might have a blocked drain pipe:

  • Drains in your house (shower, bath, sink or toilet) are draining away slowly
  • Or water is not draining away at all
  • Toilets that back up instead of draining away
  • Drains that gurgle can be a sign of trapped air caused by blockages in your pipes
How do you know if a drain is blocked?
What causes blocked drains?

What causes blocked drains?

Understanding the exact cause of a blocked drain can be difficult for several reasons, as your drains are connected to each sink, toilet and even a washing machine. This creates multiple places for a clog drain to form.

Common things that cause a blocked drain:


    can build up creating a barrier preventing the flow of water

  • HAIR

    builds up and causes serious blockages in shower drains


    don’t mix well with water


    that get flushed down the toilet (e.g. toys)


    when wet they cling together which can cause blockages


    can be difficult to break down or sticks to your pipes

How we clear blocked drains

Our technicians are fully licensed, trained and experienced in clearing drains with all sorts of problems, including heavy-duty clearing of debris from sewage and stormwater pipes.

How Nuflow Unblock Clogged Drains


    We offer high-volume, high pressure water jetting with a range of specialist nozzles to unblock drains from 40 mm – 200 mm in diameter. Water is pumped at pressures of up to 5000 PSI.


    The hydro hose is fitted with a nozzle which produces a stream forwards to clear the pipe ahead, and backwards, to produce enough force to propel the hose through the pipe.


    The high-pressure water easily cuts through tree roots and dislodges pipes, flushing out and other debris.


With our experienced local drain experts and the latest technology,
you can have peace of mind you’ll be taken care of – and so will your drains.

Contact the Nuflow team to get your blocked drains fixed today! No jobs to big or small.


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