Smart Lock

Smart Lock is a trenchless, No Dig Point Repair solution that reinstates the structural strength and integrity of deformed and damaged pipes. Made of an expandable and self-locking stainless steel sleeve, Smart Lock is encased in fibreglass matting impregnated with an application-specific silicate resin. It is installed remotely from the nearest manhole or access chamber using an inflatable packer and left to cure behind the stainless steel sleeve.

Smart Lock pipe relining

Suitable to repair:

Broken and
damaged pipes

Cracks, holes
and splits

Redundant lateral connections

Decoupled and disconnected joints

Voids and pipes needing structural form and integrity

Heavy Infiltration


Applicable to a number of materials, including:

Key features of Smart Lock

Streamlined installation

Smart Lock can be installed in live flow conditions in 30 minutes with no curing time necessary.

Cost effective

As a permanent solution with easy installation, you can enjoy fewer labour costs and zero maintenance.

Repairs localised defects

Cracks, holes, root infestation, water infiltration, and offset joints are repaired by installing Smart Lock directly.

Long design life

With a design life of 50 years, Smart Lock is made from a material ideal for relining sewer pipes long term.

Adaptable to a range of circumstances

The stiffness of the seal can be altered to meet structural requirements by varying layers of fibreglass reinforcement.

Structural pipe restoration

Smart Lock can be designed as a stand-alone structural pipeline component, applying AS/NZS 25661.1:1998.

Industry approved

Smart Lock is approved by WRc, WSAA, and numerous authorities and councils for use in defective pipes.

Highly certified

The stainless steel sleeve, locking system, silicate resin, and fibreglass matting comply with all relevant standards.


Smart Lock can be installed on a range of pipelines, with suitable processes for sizes between DN100 – DN900.

Built to last

Aggressive cleaning, root cutting, and relining can be done in future without concern of damaging the Smart Lock.

Benefits of Smart Lock pipe relining technology

Smart Lock repair process


Pipe inspection

We utilise our CCTV technology to inspect pipes and determine the best way to approach a solution.


Clean and clear

We use hydro jetting to clear the pipe and ensure it is prepared for installation.


Smart Lock application

We utilise an inflatable packer to apply the Smart Lock and leave the silicate resin to cure in the sleeve.


Finalising the process

We confirm the Smart Lock has been successfully installed via CCTV inspection down the pipe.


Tested to ensure Smart Lock is compliant with all international standards
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