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Become part of the pipe repair revolution
and invest in a growing industry

Benefits of becoming a Franchise Partner

Rapid Growth

Unlike many other saturated industries such as retail, hospitality, and services; the relining sector, while utilising proven accredited technology, is underdeveloped in Australasia. This provides our Nuflow Franchise Partners with opportunities for rapid growth in revenue and profit


Nuflow provides extensive initial and ongoing fully accredited training

Product Versatility

Nuflow products enable you to reline many types of pipe in many applications, including pressurised and non-pressurised pipe systems. With Nuflow’s Blueline cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) and Redline epoxy barrier-coating technologies you are able to provide relining solutions in less time and with less effort


Opportunity to become part of a strong, well-established network. By providing business coaching and access to a network of experienced Franchise Partners, Nuflow give you the tools and support to succeed

Premium Product Range

Nuflow products are recognised for their superior quality and backed with a unique 50-year manufacturer’s warranty

Market Leadership

Nuflow has a strong reputation for exceptional products and service worldwide. As a Nuflow Franchise Partner you will be able to leverage a network that is already 15 years in the making, which often translates to better profit opportunities right out of the gate, compared to competitors. Nuflow in Australia operate an integrated company spanning local Research and Development, Manufacturing and Operations


National marketing and local area marketing (LAM) support. Nuflow is able to negotiate rates with vendors due to our Franchise base, and your Nuflow branded marketing efforts are supported by the pooled resources of the Franchise Partner Network and Nuflow Support Office 


Contact Nuflow – speak with the Recruitment Manager

Discovery conversation

Application – includes completing a psychometric profile

Assessment – Confidentiality Agreements are signed and more in-depth information supplied

Visit to Nuflow Support Office in Queensland

Business Planning and Due Diligence. Including access to our Franchise Partner network

Approval Process – Decision to proceed and approval by Nuflow

Contract Signing

Delivery of Training, Equipment and initial Products


We are proud to share written testimonials from delighted customers of Nuflow

We have found that making the decision on becoming a Nuflow Franchisee was a key business decision which has assisted us taking our business to the next level. Nuflow offer a very strong support network where any queries we have ranging from advertising, advice regarding relining jobs and business coaching, we can always rely on getting the best service which helps us offer this same level of service and professionalism to our customers.

When you become a Franchisee you become a Nuflow family member, this sense of family is paramount as it provides a strong backing to your business and helps you achieve your business objectives. We believe the Nuflow product to be of superior quality & technology when comparing it to what our competitors have on offer, it is for this reason we feel that our business has a significant edge in the relining market and has given us a better chance to win work and stay ahead of our competition.

Renee HorsnellAquaking

We chose to adopt the Nuflow system because of its versatility, with Nuflow’s ability to custom make liners we can reline virtually any pipe that we come across, and with their network of close to 40 licensees and highly experienced staff at Nuflow there is always plenty of advice and support available when you come across those “out of the ordinary” jobs.

The Nuflow relining system is a core part of our business, and is the most profitable, it gives us a unique selling point that places us way ahead of the competition and other plumbers in town are even bringing work to us!

Sam Foss Nuflow Wide Bay


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