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Nuflow is the complete, Australian-made solution, with in-house scientific, engineering and technical experts. With our own testing, training, production and franchised installation teams, we have the ability to custom design products for particular specifications. Our advanced composite technologies are leading the way in the Australasian pipe relining industry.

Why Choose Nuflow

  • is a patented system
  • is a locally based (Australia and New Zealand) designed and manufactured product
  • invests heavily in ongoing research and product development
  • provides extensive training, education and ongoing support to franchisees
  • is setting standards and leading industry development
  • excels in customer service and solving difficult problems
  • encourages teamwork and sharing of ideas and resources
  • is rapidly growing and investing in market development.

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These pillars have shaped what Nuflow looks like today, and each one is an incredibly important part of the whole. They’ve shaped:

OUR VISION – that goes well beyond just fixing pipes’

OUR ‘TRUE-BLUE’ LOCAL FLAVOR – a local company supporting local jobs, industries and economies

OUR INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION – for excellence, innovation and success

OUR GUARANTEES – which are extensive and reliable, and provide a great selling point to increase sales

OUR PRODUCTS – which are so versatile we now have fully approved and certified products that meet international standards and are fully approved to fix pipes:

  • made of almost any material
  • of almost any shape, diameter or configuration
  • which carry almost any substance or material
  • located in almost any environmental or structural condition (load-bearing, underwater, extremes of temperature etc

OUR TEAM PROFILE – which brings together a talented group of professionals ready to ensure everyone involved with Nuflow achieves success.
This includes our:

  • installation partners in the field
  • in-house research and development team
  • training and education personnel
  • business development support, planning, administration and marketing professionals.


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Franchise Testimonials

Since successfully transitioning to a franchise model in 2018 the company’s growth has been significant and, combined with our reputation for innovation, reliability and excellence we are continuously raising industry benchmarks for others to try to reach.

And the future looks even bigger

As Nuflow continues to push to new frontiers in terms of what our products can achieve, and as more and more people come to understand how our systems can often solve drain and pipe problems more efficiently and affordably than traditional plumbing methods, market share will continue to increase.

What are the benefits of joining the Nuflow franchising family?

Some of the benefits our franchise partners have identified as being integral to their decision to join Nuflow are:


Very reasonable upfront purchase price and modest monthly fees


CIPP relining is still in the early stages of the product life cycle which means low competition and abundant opportunities for immediate growth


Profit margins can be incredibly high, particularly when alternate options (i.e. traditional methods of excavation and replacement) would be extremely costly


Nuflow invests heavily in support for franchise partners, both technical support (training, on-call advice and guidance over the phone, via teleconferencing or on site) and operational support (providing national sales, marketing, branding, R&D and administrative support). Costs for such things are included in monthly service fees because we recognise this as being fundamental to the success of a franchise program. We also can provide physical resources such as highly trained relining staff, specialised tools and equipment hire if required.

Future long-term growth

Pipes continue to be installed under roadways, buildings and other infrastructure which suggests Nuflow will maintain its current year-on-year growth over the long term. New product developments also suggest there are potential markets which have not yet even been identified.


Our franchise partners retain significant independence whilst still having all the access to the benefits of being part of a successful and motivated team. This means they can be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

Opportunities to network

At training sessions, annual conference and informally.

Convenient access to high quality, versatile and easy-to-use products

Franchise partners have easy, convenient access to our highly reputable products which are suited to an incredibly diverse range of conditions and types of pipe.

Keeping things local

With headquarters in Queensland and franchise partners in New Zealand and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, we’re helping create local jobs, develop local industry and retain profits on shore

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