Nucoat is an innovative, high-performance epoxy designed for Spray in Place Pipe (SIPP) applications. Developed to cater to the diverse needs of engineers, councils, business owners, and a range of industries, Nucoat offers a cutting-edge solution for repurposing or extending the service life of pipes with remarkable efficiency.

Nucoat pipe relining

Suitable for a range of environments, including:

Drainage systems – sewerage and stormwater

Trade Waste

Marine pipes

Oil and
gas pipes

Pipes ranging from 40mm to 300mm in diameter

06. Nucoat-Before-After

Nucoat application

Nucoat enables pipe coating via two methods. This versatility allows Nucoat to address a wide range of projects with the utmost adaptability.

Spray Coat

Nucoat’s Spray Coating system combines centrifugal force, pressure, and specially calibrated pull back speed to deliver a uniform and consistent spray that maintains the flow rate of your pipes. It can also be applied to larger assets with a spray gun. It offers excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for enhancing the strength and durability of your existing pipes.

Brush Coat

The Picote Brush Coating System™ is ideal for renovating old or deteriorated drains and sewers. It works via a brush attached to a Coating Pump, which rotates through the pipe to install multiple layers of the Nucoat resin. Beginning at the end away from the access point, resin is pumped through the pipe and coated around the interior evenly. It provides a damp-proof, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant lining to your pipes.

Key features of Nucoat

Efficient application

The speed of the application process minimises downtime, enabling projects to be completed swiftly and efficiently.

Versatile application

This flexible solution is suited for a range of pipe sizes, types and shapes, including manholes, pits, and channels.

Pipe protection

The advanced epoxy protects against corrosion, degradation, chemical exposure, abrasion, and the environment.

Enhanced service life

Forming a robust, impermeable barrier, Nucoat extends the service life of pipes and mitigates deterioration.

Improved pipe performance

The damp-proof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and non-corrosive lining enhances pipe durability and lifespan.

Cost effective

By extending the service life of pipes, Nucoat reduces the need for replacements and repairs, leading to cost savings.


The non-structural nature complements existing infrastructure, focusing on providing a reliable protective coating.

Highly certified

Nucoat is ASTM D648 and ISO 178 approved.

Benefits of Nucoat pipe relining and coating technology


Nucoat repair process


Pipe inspection

Before installation, we use CCTV cameras to inspect the pipes and assess the footage for the best approach.


Clean and clear

We use hydro jetting and mechanical abrasion to optimise the pipe’s bonding profile prior to application.


Nucoat application

After determining the best method, we deploy the Spray Coat or Brush Coat system.


Finalising the process

We send our cameras back down the pipes for a final CCTV inspection to ensure quality.


Tested to ensure Nucoat is compliant with industry standards
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