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Nuflow is a specialist in trenchless pipe repairs, offering permanent relining solutions for underground waste and water pipes, damaged drainage infrastructure, trade waste pipes and internal water networks. Contact Nuflow today to get a quote or book in a service today!

Pipe repair solutions

Tailored solutions to suit your requirements

It’s hard to ignore signs that things are falling apart when paint starts peeling from the ceiling or gutters start hanging down. But when it comes to the vitally important network of water and waste pipes that keep our homes and businesses functioning, many people seem to presume that ‘no news is good news’ until things go terribly wrong.

If damaged pipes are identified and repaired early enough (usually as a result of having a CCTV pipe inspection) the costs can be quite manageable, but if things are ignored and a major break or blockage occurs, the consequences in terms of disruption, inconvenience, property damage and costs can be significant.

Nuflow is a specialist in trenchless pipe repairs, offering permanent relining solutions for underground waste and water pipes, damaged drainage infrastructure, trade waste pipes and internal water networks. We also have pipe repair solutions for unique applications such as grain and feed transfer systems.

Nuflow’s trained and licensed technicians create tailored pipe repair solutions to suit your specific requirements, and back those repairs with written, registered warranties of up to 50 years*.

We have in-house scientific and technical experts designing, testing and manufacturing our own products, making us the only end-to-end pipe relining company in Australia.

With Nuflow, you can be confident your broken pipes will be permanently fixed, and that the quoted repair price will be what you pay – with no hidden extras.


We understand the stress and inconvenience a broken drainage pipe can cause our customers. That’s why we’re committed to delivering quality, long-term pipe relining solutions.

Nuflow offers Watermark Certified, tested and compliant repair solutions for drainage pipes. Our patented Blueline® pipe relining product repairs cracked, displaced, and broken pipe systems by creating a new structural lining inside the old, damaged pipe.

Our innovative, flexible and fully tested products and installation methods are able to fix most types of drainage pipes, with diameters ranging from 40mm to 1500mm, and we can custom design solutions for larger pipes where required.

Common drainage pipes we repair include:


Water pipes are constantly under pressure. Nuflow’s technology for pressurised systems can address problems such as joint failure, breaks and cracks, pinhole leaks, pipe corrosion, water discoloration and the build-up of mineral deposits that impede flow.

For the interior we use our Redline epoxy coating to repair damage in the small, pressurised water pipes behind walls and ceilings, and for load-bearing pipes under driveways, gardens or buildings we have Greenline; a fully structural relining repair. Both processes are non-invasive. With Redline pipe repairs the epoxy resin is blown into the damaged pipe to completely coat its inner wall without destroying interior or exterior surfaces of buildings, structures, hardscape or landscape. It repairs pipes from 40mm to 300mm in diameter.

Our structural Greenline product repairs high pressure water service mains by inserting a resin-impregnated liner into the pipe, expanding it and allowing it to cure. Repairs for pipes with diameters of 40mm to 1000mm are common, and specialised liners can be created to accommodate larger pipes in certain circumstances.

The products we use for pressurised pipe repairs are certified safe for drinking water with various domestic and international approvals.

Common drainage pipes we repair include:


Nuflow investigates, locates and solves most pipe problems with minimal disruption to your homes or businesses.

Some jobs are more challenging than others, but we pride ourselves on finding the right pipe repair solution every time.

Our qualified team makes it as easy as possible for clients to have their pipes permanently repaired, and we clearly explain each step along the way.

We make it easy for your budget too, by reducing costs for things like demolition, reconstruction or loss of business, and by providing honest, all-inclusive repair quotations up front.

When the job is done, you get pre and post-CCTV footage and a written warranty guaranteeing the product for up to 50 years*.

The benefits of using Nuflow to repair your pipes are:

Our focus is on the satisfaction of our clients.

By talking openly about what we can do to solve our clients’ problems, we can create tailor-made solutions that won’t disrupt your home, your business or your lifestyle.

Why not talk to one of our friendly professionals about our pipe repair solutions today?

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