Smart Lock – your simple ‘no dig’ point solution for structural  pipe repairs 

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At Nuflow, innovation is our guiding ethos. We are constantly looking to evolve our products and capabilities so we  can deliver better cured-in-place pipe relining solutions to customers of all kinds.  

That’s why we have invested in a new product, Smart Lock. This trenchless No Dig Point Repair solution can be  installed remotely to specific sections within a host pipe. With this new product, our network can provide additional solutions for structural repairs and get things flowing smoothly, faster.  

What is Smart Lock?  

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Smart Lock is a trenchless No Dig Point Repair solution for structural  repairs and beyond. It is made from an expandable, self-locking stainless-steel sleeve encased in fibreglass matting  that is impregnated with an application-specific silicate resin. Using an inflatable packer, the lock is installed  remotely from the nearest manhole or access chamber.  

In under 30 minutes, Smart Lock can repair voids, decoupled or disconnected pipes, seal redundant lateral  connections, cracked pipes, root infiltration, and mechanical damage and erosion. It is even approved to be used in  gravity sewers and manholes.  

The benefits of Smart Lock  

Structural repairs  

Combining the proven benefits of fibreglass patching with 316 stainless steel, Smart Lock reinstates the structural  strength and integrity of deformed and damaged pipes. The stiffness and effectiveness of the seal can be altered as  needed to meet the structural requirements of a specific asset by adjusting the layers of fibreglass reinforcement.  Smart Lock is permanently effective, returning the structural strength and integrity of the host pipe without further  maintenance.  

Versatile and seamless  

Smart Lock can be applied to pipes of all kinds. Sizes range from DN100 to DN900, with larger available on request,  and it is compatible with a number of classes, joining systems, and materials. This includes Concrete, VC, PVC, steel,  ductile iron, HDPE, and composite piping.  

Not only that, installation is streamlined and seamless. Smart Lock is applied directly to the damaged area, targeting  localised defects like cracks, holes, root infestation, water infiltration, offset joints, and redundant laterals. The  impregnated fibreglass matting cures in the stainless steel sleeve within the host pipe, eliminating curing time and  significantly decreasing installation time. Smart Lock can also adhere to moist surfaces, so there is no need to dry  out pipes before beginning the process.  

Time and cost-effective  

With no waiting time for curing, Smart Lock can be installed in just 30 minutes. This fast and seamless installation  process makes things more cost-effective for you as the client. The speed of installation also enables a much faster  pipe repair, saving your assets from further damage that could snowball into a much larger issue, allowing you to get  back to business as usual.  

Approved and tested  

The Smart Lock system is approved by numerous authorities and countries, including the Water Research Centre  (WRc) and the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). The components of the system also have the  necessary certifications, with the silicate resin DIBT approved for use in sewer systems, and the fibreglass mattering compliant with ASTM D 578-00, ISO 2078, and DIN 1259-01. 

The following material properties have been tested as well:  

  • Tensile strength 258 Mpa 
  • Flexural strength 144 Mpa  
  • Flexural modulus 15,469 Mpa 
  • Hardness 13.3  
  • Maximum load 2/8kN  


Pipes repaired with the Smart Lock system are strong and durable. Not only are they resistant to aggressive water in  both acid and alkaline, thorough cleaning, root cutting, and relining can be done around the repaired section without  worrying about damaging the Smart Lock.  

Smart Lock also possesses a design life of 50 years and is made from materials known to be suitable for long-term application in stormwater and sewer systems.  

Use Smart Lock for your structural pipe repairs  

Could Smart Lock be the solution for your structural pipe repairs? Whatever issue you are dealing with, Nuflow has  the products and processes necessary to return things to better-than-new condition. Reach out to us today and  uncover if Smart Lock is suitable for your pipe repairs.

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