Bringing the Nuflow franchise network together for the 2023 Conference

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At Nuflow, supporting our franchisees as they expand their knowledge and reach for greater success is one of our biggest priorities. That’s why we bring together our franchise network every year for the annual Nuflow conference. 

Last August, our franchisees travelled to the Gold Coast for a weekend of activities, networking, and knowledge sharing. The event exceeded expectations and made for an impressive turnout. The atmosphere was electric and engaging with a perfect blend of new faces and longstanding partners. Every participant was enthusiastically involved at every stage, and the event proved to be a great success. 

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Conference agenda for our franchise network 

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Day 1: Registration and welcome 

Sunday 27th August 

The conference unofficially began at 6pm at the Dorsett Hotel in the Star Casino. Once registered, our franchisees were able to network and connect at the Isoletto Pool Club over a 2-hour drinks package, canapes, and live music. It was a fun night that helped our partners connect with friendly and new faces, setting the tone for the conference. 

Day 2: Conference  

Monday 28th August 

The first official day kicked off at 8:30am in the Isoletto Prive with a conference welcome. After that, Greg Nathan, founder of the Franchise Relationships Institute, took the stage for a Franchise relationships presentation that overviewed the importance of building strong rapport across the franchise network. 

From there we had the opportunity to hear directly from franchisees who shared case studies about difficult installations they have completed. This knowledge-sharing session helped empower other members of the network with insights they can apply to their own projects. 

We then got to enjoy a provided lunch, before heading to Geofabrics for a site visit from 12pm – 6pm. Geofabrics are the suppliers of the raw felt we use during installation, so it was fantastic to see a bit of the manufacturing process behind the scenes and gain greater understanding of the materials we use so often. 

The whole day was then capped off with some go-karting, which was very competitive and a whole lot of fun. Our franchisees then got to enjoy free time in the evening at a number of fantastic bars and restaurants in the area. This included: 

  • Kiyomi 
  • Maggie Cho 
  • Nineteen at the Star
  • Dracula’s Cabaret 
  • Sofia’s Restaurant and Bar 
  • Social Eating House 
  • Pacific Fair 

Day 3: Conference  

Tuesday 29th August 

Day 3 began with tea and coffee in the morning, before a Q&A with Dane, Director of Nuflow North-West Sydney and head of the FAC, and Jim, our general manager. This Q&A was all about the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC), a board of a franchise partners who discuss network matters and consult back to Head Office. It’s in place to help ensure any franchisee concerns are heard and addressed. 

Once this was completed, Head of Research & Development, Ryan, and polymer chemist, David, ran a session on research and development, updating the franchise network on current projects. 

After morning tea, we got stuck into a review of our current marketing approaches and discussed how franchisees can leverage content. We then heard from IBAK, who specialise in camera equipment and are sponsors of Nuflow. Their International Business Manager, Frank, was able to educate technicians on the range of equipment available for CCTV pipe inspections. 

Excitingly, we then got introduced to Corematic’s robotic dog, Spot, who was created to automate inspections in remote and hazardous environments. It was incredible to see the tech innovation here and predict how it could push us to revolutionise our approaches in the future. 

After breaking for lunch, our Business Development Manager, Jeff, and Head of Technical, Training and Development, James, took the franchisees through some Business Development updates. We were then introduced to LANA, a new CRM tradie software we are looking to invest in that will help us better serve our customers. 

In the afternoon, it was time for Job the Year nominations. This is a great way to acknowledge the hard work of our franchisees, which was honoured that evening. 

Awards night 

Tuesday 29th August 

The awards night was held at the Garden Kitchen and Bar in the Star Casino. The evening was highly engaging and memorable, with over 90 attendees. Beginning with beverages and canapes, guests were able to mingle and indulge in tasty food. We also got to enjoy a delicious two-course meal and a live performance from Baker Boys Band, known for their vibrant stage presence. 

After our bellies were full, our esteemed partners took centre stage to receive their well-deserved accolades. Many awards were handed out, and we are proud of each of our franchisees for their commitment: 

  • Ian Barlow Innovation Award – Ben Byrne, Nuflow Central Queensland 
  • Job of the Year – Nuflow Western Australia, Fremantle Port Project 
  • Brand Ambassador of the Year – Mike Allan and Rob Allan, Nuflow Tasman 
  • Franchise Partner of the Year – John Farrugia, Nuflow Brisbane North 
  • Most Improved Franchise Partner – Matt Neiper, Nuflow Manawatu 
  • 6 Years of Service – John Kendrick, Nuflow North Harbour
  • Marketing Excellence: 
    • Nuflow Perth Central/ Fremantle/ Perth South
    • Nuflow Northwest Sydney 
    • Nuflow Mackay Whitsundays 
    • Nuflow Tasman 
    • Nuflow Manawatu

Experience this for yourself and join the Nuflow franchise network

Thank you to all of our wonderful franchise partners for once again engaging in this exciting event. We love having the chance to provide franchise training and support that helps put our partners on the path to greater success. 
You could be part of this as well. Leverage the opportunity to own your own business with the support of our entire network behind you. Talk to us today.

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