Celebrating our franchise partners at the 2022 Nuflow Conference

At Nuflow, we know that people do their best work when they have the right tools and are given the appropriate support and recognition. This was what our Annual Conference hinged on this year. Held at Peppers Soul in Surfers Paradise, the event bought Nuflow franchise partners together, offering them valuable insights to help them develop as business owners while acknowledging the hard work they do.   

With a theme of persistence, drive and endurance, this franchise Conference has set everyone up for a new era of success as we enter the next stage of Nuflow’s growth together. Here are some of the highlights from our 3-day Conference.

2022 Nuflow Conference: persistence, drive and endurance

Pre-event – Connecting new and existing franchise partners

Sunday 28th August 

To kick things off, we held a welcome function on Sunday afternoon in the Secret Garden at Peppers Soul. During this 2hr canape and drinks event, our franchisees enjoyed live entertainment and the new partners were introduced to our existing members. This was a great opportunity to jump-start the networking between our franchise partners, getting them to share insights and experiences that others might be able to use down the track.

Day 1 – Business growth opportunities

Monday 29th 

We believe in the power of collaboration and communication which is why our first day began with a team building activity called ‘Big Picture,’ run by Be Challenged. This task involved franchise partners being split into groups to work together toward a common goal: painting a canvas that would eventually form one, cohesive mural. It generated a great buzz, and we even uncovered some inner artists!

Since the collective knowledge of our network is key to our success and growth, this activity was followed by a knowledge sharing session. We informed our franchise partners about our latest developments, and about NUTEC, our renewed training program. Our finance manager Dan, and a representative from Astute Financial also offered tips for small business finance.

After lunch, our partner The Marketing Lab hosted a seminar on ‘Amplifying your Impact with Local Area Marketing.’ This was a great chance for collaboration, and our franchisees were able to discuss marketing activities and ideas they could execute in their area. James Haua, who is in charge of Technical Training and Development, and Jeff Hilditch, our National Business Development Manager, then offered insights into the Nuflow IQ App and online shop.

Day 2 – Unveiling Nuflow’s 2022 growth plans

Tuesday 30th  

Support from Head Office for our franchise partners is another crucial part of Nuflow’s success. That’s why Day 2 kicked off with a Business Improvement seminar from our leadership team that ran through the plan for 2023, demonstrating how Nuflow’s franchisees will be supported going forward.

A standout of the day was the panel discussion, where a few Nuflow franchise partners had the opportunity to share details of particularly interesting or intensive jobs, which was information that could help other partners in the future. This included work from Nuflow Sunshine Coast and Cooloola Coast, Nuflow Central Queensland, Nuflow Cairns, Nuflow Perth Central, and Nuflow Sydney City.

After lunch was another activity from Be Challenged called ‘Go Team!’. All of the franchise partners were split into teams and participated in a scavenger hunt throughout Surfers Paradise. The final destination was Cavil Hotel, where everyone got to celebrate and have drinks before heading off for whisky tasting and tapas at Steampunk (just a little bit of fun after a hard day’s work!).

Day 3 –Appreciation and awards night   

Day 3 was all about celebrating our franchise partners and showing how much we appreciate them. That’s why we headed off to Top Golf on Wednesday morning, where everyone enjoyed a BBQ buffet and beverages. Then, it was back on the bus and off to our manufacturing facility for a tour. Here, everyone was able to see what goes into producing the products that allow them to service the relining needs of their clients so effectively. We have franchise partners all across Australia and New Zealand, so this was an exciting opportunity to showcase where all the collective power for generating new products comes from.

Following some free time to enjoy the sights of Surfers (and maybe a nap for some), everyone headed off to the Marina Mirage for our awards night aboard the fabulous super yacht, the YOT Club. Drinks were provided on arrival, as were some delicious nibbles for everyone to enjoy. This was an amazing night spent celebrating the franchise network and acknowledging the hard work of our people. We loved getting to share this with our network and witnessing our franchise partners cheer for each other’s successes.

A thriving franchise with no signs of slowing down

All in all, the Annual Conference was a huge success and it was great to see the network come together in person for the first time in years. We’re excited to see knowledge and insights gained by our franchise partners in action as we enter our new phase of growth and continue delivering quality relining services across Australian and New Zealand.

If you’re a likeminded business, discover what Nuflow is all about today.

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