Our Blueline® product is a structural solution suited to non-pressure applications (drainage) such as stormwater pipes, sewer pipes, trade waste pipes, waste systems, vertical drain stacks, vent systems, sanitary systems, industrial pipes and chemical pipes.


Greenline® is also a structural pipe restoration solution, used for high pressure mains pipes, asbestos cement (AC), UPVC, copper and steel pipes and potable water pipes.
Sumoline pipes


Sumoline creates a long-lasting, fully structural and incredibly strong pipe without the need to dig, disrupt operations or disturb surrounding areas.


Ultraline is a world-first pipe relining technology that involves lining aging or damaged pipes with a specialised epoxy resin that is cured with UV light, creating a strong and durable pip-within-a-pipe in mere minutes. Ultraline uses one-part resin which is cured with an LED Ultra Violet light packer system sent down the length of the affected pipe. The solution minimises waste, cost, site impact and labour, and maximises a pipe’s strength, longevity resistance and reliability.


Redline is a non-structural relining alternative for steel and copper pipes including compressed air systems, HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, chemical piping and water mains (pressurised pipes). It coats the inside of the damaged pipe and extends its performance and usable life significantly.


As manholes reach the end of their lifespan, their deterioration can start to cause significant problems and put additional strain on sewer systems. With Nuflow’s manhole rehabilitation system, our technicians are able to repair cracks, seal against water intrusion, and create an ongoing resistance to H2S and microbial-induced corrosion (MIC).

Relining allows you to restore and renew aged, broken or corroded pipe systems to a ‘better than new’ condition, without the need to remove or replace pipes. Being a manufacturer as well as an international network of installers, Nuflow has the unique ability to manufacture liners of various composite constructions for any given application and situation. Our friendly and professional team of technicians install the product with the highest quality of service and respect to your property

Nuflow has pipe relining solutions for jobs big, small and out of the ordinary.

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