Ozwater ’19 – Nuflow’s Importance Within the Water Industry

Nuflow and the Water Industry

Last week we sent Franchise Managers Paul Missen and Lawrence Cash to Ozwater ’19 in Melbourne to showcase our innovations to international and local water industry audiences. The Nuflow exhibit was attended by a good mix of water authority representatives, engineers and plumbers over the three-day event, with plenty of opportunities for our team to create valuable industry relationships.

Paul reported back to us,

“Because the trade show targets a niche industry we had the chance to discuss our technique and products at length and in great detail with attendees.We made some great connections this way.

Something we found interesting was that the consensus among exhibiters – that it was vitally important to be at this expo and be visible among our industry peers, particularly for companies that have a very specific and technical offering.

It was such a fantastic chance for us to really demonstrate how our pipe relining products work and to really highlight the benefits of Nuflow within the context of industry-leading products and services.

There was a great deal of interest in our relining techniques for pipe rehabilitation within heritage listed buildings, for example. We also answered a lot of questions relating to our products and how they hold up to high pressure and temperature specifications.

Our potable water solution, Greenline, was a highlight. Greenline can rehabilitate pipes from 40mm 1000mm and is AS/NZ 4020:2005 approved which means it is safe for drinking water as well as being able to withstand pressure up to 1800 kpa.

The fact that our solution enables projects to be completed quickly, safely and economically with minimal disruption to user access and operations, the surrounding environment or resident lifestyle was appealing to the water authorities.

We also received a lot of positive feedback around the fact that we have our own in-house research and development team. Having the ability to custom design relining solutions for difficult pipe rehabilitation projects sets Nuflow apart from other relining companies who do not manufacture locally.”

Paul and Lawrence were joined by two of our franchise partners, Jay Stuart (Nuflow South West) and Jason Lynd (Drainline) who were able to offer a hands-on perspective and discuss some of their case studies. The guys were able to relay their own case studies relating to pipe rehabilitation using our Blueline and Redline products as well as answer questions about installation. Again, water authorities were appreciative of how Nuflow is able to carry out large-scale water pipe repair projects without disruption to the environment and the flow of operations – as in this case study in which a 1200mm steel stormwater pipe located three metres under a main road was repaired quickly, without shutting down traffic and with no disturbance to local flora and fauna.

The team also answered questions about the business from plumbers. While franchise and partnering opportunities weren’t a focus of the exhibition, our franchise model was of great interest to plumbers who visited the stand and the team was happy to continue these conversations.

Overall, Ozwater ’19 was very worthwhile for both attendees and for Nuflow as an exhibitor. Our work continues so if you missed us at Ozwater ’19, you can catch up with our team at and Ideaction 2019 in Sydney from 2-5 June.

For custom solutions to challenging pipe problems, call1800 683 569 (Australia), 0800 168 356 (New Zealand) or visit our contact page to find your nearest technician.

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