NZ partners join the Nuflow franchise network

Nuflow in New Zealand

The Nuflow network is expanding! We’re so thrilled for our partners in New Zealand to join our franchise.  Previously, there were a few licensed plumbers certified to sell and install our relining materials, but now our whole business model will be available to help more kiwis with their pipe problems. We’re so excited to bring the full range of our top-quality processes, products and services to Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud. Find out more about what this means for our network below!

How Nuflow has grown and expanded over the years

Since the inception of the original ‘Nu Flow’ brand in 1998, a lot of things have changed. In just over 20 years, it has gone from a simple idea in the mind of a young Canadian drain pipe technician to a multi-national organisation leading the market in CIPP trenchless pipe repairs.

Nu Flow was founded with a focus on epoxy lining of pipes within domestic, single-dwelling buildings, and after patenting the ‘sleeve-within-a-sleeve’ relining method, the technology was then licensed to third parties. This caught the attention of our founder, Ed Ahern, and in 2004 he launched Nuflow Australasia, bringing pipe relining to Australia, New Zealand and Thailand under the licensed business model.

This proved to be a major success, and in 2012 Ed established a research facility to further develop the relining technology. With appointed scientists and engineers, Nuflow was leading the way as the only Australian pipe relining company with the capacity to design, manufacture and install its own epoxies, lining materials, and specialist installation equipment. Over 2016 and 2017, we even assisted in writing the standard for relining materials!

In 2018, we were finally able to transition from a licensee model into a franchise model within Australia, bringing standardised operating procedures across the nation that established effective training techniques, business processes, and resource sharing throughout the network. Now in 2022, we’re doing the same thing in New Zealand, and we’re so excited to see what the future holds as we continue to drive up knowledge and further expand.

License model vs franchise model 

So, what does it actually mean that our NZ franchise partners have gone from licensees to franchisees? Now that they’re part of the franchise model, these licensees – now called franchise partners – are given access to our trademark along with our entire operational system to sell and market our products and services. We use a fully integrated, end-to-end operational process, and know what’s happening with our products every step of the way.

Our business is set up so that our chemists, engineers, trainers and installers work together to create the best solutions for each job, providing advice, resources and support for each other whenever it’s needed. New Zealand can access these franchise partnership benefits while expanding our capabilities and bringing our expertise to new customers.

A new world of opportunities  

More franchise partners mean more insights, experience, and expertise that can be shared and leveraged throughout the network. Our growing success is driven by innovation, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. These new perspectives could help perfect and improve the way we do things, bringing benefits to our customers and to the rest of the network.

Nuflow’s commitment to our franchise partners   

At Nuflow, our philosophy is that when people are respected and valued, they are more likely to achieve great things and get higher satisfaction out of the work they do. That’s why we take the time to acknowledge and appreciate all the members of our network.

We offer opportunities to learn, grow and excel while recognising their contributions and hosting exciting events like our franchise conference. We also have support structures in place and resources available to help them perform their jobs to the best of their ability, all while providing autonomy and independence. We’re excited to provide the same experience to our NZ franchise partners, and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table as we enter this new phase of growth together.

Join an expanding franchise    

Nuflow is one of the most unique franchises out there and we are always improving. Get in on the ground floor to access a whole range of amazing benefits, including premium products, unparalleled support and operational processes that are proven to be successful. Who knows what innovations and insights you could bring to our organisation as part of our network? Discover how to become a franchise partnerand get in touch with us today.

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