Nuflow brings ‘no dig’ plumbing revolution to Central Coast to save community money

Nuflow brings ‘no dig’ plumbing revolution to save community money3

Homeowners and businesses on the Central Coast can potentially save thousands of dollars when it comes to blocked or damaged pipes, thanks to Nuflow’s recent expansion into the area.

The national pipe relining company welcomed Catherine Hill Bay-based owner Riley to deliver its unique ‘pipe within a pipe’ system, using Australian-made relining materials with a 50 year warranty. This means no digging or excavation is required, saving potential damage to homes, businesses and industrial sites.

Riley said the technology is a real game changer for the area and the community when it comes to plumbing repair work.

“You’ll never know if you’ve got blocked or damaged pipes until the problem literally surfaces, and in most cases it’s too late,” he said.

“Nuflow helps in two ways, firstly to fix the problem without ever having to dig the pipes up, which can be an expensive exercise and cause all sorts of inconvenience.

“More importantly we provide pre-house purchase, home renovation and business asset inspections to ensure you don’t end up in an emergency situation.”

Nuflow’s technology is at times only a fraction of the cost of digging and can fix even the trickiest of problems usually within a day.

“Using the latest CCTV camera equipment, we pinpoint the exact location of blocked or damaged pipes, clear them then use our innovative equipment and products to fix it from the inside,” Riley said. 

“Relining can be carried out on all kinds of pipes, including clay pipes that are clogged by tree roots.

“Our process makes them stronger than they were before and we can even address difficult joins, bends and dead ends.”

The locally owned business is excited to expand Nuflow operations across Central Coast regions to offer the unique full pipe rehabilitation service for residential, commercial and government work. 

“We are looking forward to future opportunities and working alongside Nuflow to continue to grow the brand in across the Central Coast,” Riley said.

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