Nucoat – the latest SIPP technology


We are proud to announce the launch of Nucoat, our latest in Spray in Place Pipe (SIPP) solution. This exciting new  development is part of our mission to drive innovation in pipe relining and enhance infrastructure across all  industries. Providing a strong epoxy pipe lining, Nucoat will make sure your assets are repaired and operating at  their best for years to come.  

What is Nucoat?  

Nucoat is an innovative, high-performance epoxy, designed to be used for SIPP applications. Developed to cater to  the diverse needs of engineers, councils, business owners, and more, it enables us to extend the service life of pipes  and repurpose them with remarkable efficiency.  

It also boasts a versatile application that allows this cutting-edge solution to address a wide range of projects with  utmost adaptability. The brush or spray coating system can be selected depending on the circumstances, providing  a fit-for-purpose pipe coating repair.  

Brush coating  

The Picote Brush Coating System™ is ideal for renovating old or deteriorated drains and sewers. It works via a brush  attached to a Coating Pump, which rotates through the pipe to install multiple layers of the Nucoat resin. Beginning  at the end away from the access point, resin is pumped through the pipe and coated around the interior evenly. It  provides a damp-proof, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant lining to your pipes.  

Spray coating  

The Spray Coat system offers excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for enhancing the strength of your existing pipe. It acts as a protective layer, effectively repurposing and fortifying your pipes. You can learn more about the Spray Coat application process here.  

The benefits of Nucoat 

Versatile application  

Nucoat’s versatility extends beyond the method of application. It can be used to repair pipes of many shapes, sizes,  and systems. Sizes range from DN40 – DN300, with the potential to repair drainage, sewage, and stormwater  systems, along with oil, gas, and marine pipes. Within this infrastructure, Nucoat can be applied to various assets,  including manholes, pipes, and channels. This flexibility simplifies the pipe repair process, enabling a robust solution  no matter the circumstances.  

Get back to business sooner  

The efficiency of the application process reduces downtime, enabling projects to be completed swiftly with minimal  disruption. So, if a major project comes across a pipe issue, repairs don’t have to impact the timeline, or if a business  must cease operations until a resolution is reached, continuity of service can commence much faster. There is also  only a single point of application required so access challenges are resolved easily, and our technicians don’t need  to worry about preparing two access points ahead of the repair.  

Stronger pipes  

As the Nuflow epoxy is applied via SIPP application methods, it offers exceptional adhesion and corrosion  resistance. This makes it ideal for enhancing the durability and strength of existing pipes. Its non-structural nature  ensures that it seamlessly complements existing infrastructure, focusing solely on providing a reliable protective  coating system. The epoxy itself also boasts an advanced formulation that protects pipes against degradation.  

Long pipe lifespan 

By forming a robust and impermeable barrier on the inner surfaces of pipes and related structures, Nucoat significantly extends the service life of repaired assets, effectively mitigating the risk of deterioration caused by chemical exposure, abrasion, or environmental factors. This reduces the need for frequent replacements, repairs, and maintenance over the long term, leading to substantial cost savings.  

Leverage this SIPP solution for your pipe repairs  

Could Nucoat be the solution to your pipe problems? This innovative pipe relining technology is changing the game  in SIPP repairs, helping your operations and day-to-day stay on track.  Whatever issues you’re facing, call Nuflow for help. We have an abundance of purpose-built solutions that will save  you from excavating your old pipe and dealing with the hassle of a traditional, costly, and over complicated  replacement.

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