Mr Proud’s Blueline review: hear from Nuflow’s biggest fan!

Mr Proud's Blueline review

Mr Proud is a proud Scotsman and a proud advocate of Nuflow. He wants to spare your homes and gardens from destruction by sharing with the world all the things he loves most about our pipe relining technology. He’s been sending a lot of emails to our team asking for a chance to let you all know his thoughts, so for the sake of our inboxes we thought we better let him have a go. Here is his review of our pipe relining solution, Blueline.

Are you constantly dealing with residential plumbing problems in your home and garden? Then when you call someone to fix it, they either don’t show up when they say they will, or they leave you with a quick fix job that’ll you’ll need redone in a few weeks’ time anyway?

I was living this way once. And I knew that a more permanent solution could leave me with holes in my walls and my precious garden. After a traumatic experience as a wee lad (I lost my veggie patch to a pipe replacement) I swore I would never let that happen again.

But then I found Nuflow, and it was like every worry I ever had was gone. They have a whole bunch of solutions to fit all kinds of pipe problems, but today I want to let know about Blueline.

The best bits about Blueline  

When I originally heard about it, the first thing I thought was, ‘what is blueline?’. Well, after my extensive research (and a lot of emails to Nuflow) I found the answer, and it works like this. They look at your broken pipe with their fancy camera, find the problem, then clean it out. Once everything’s out of the way, they stick a thingo down your pipe that holds the Blueline resin, then it expands and hardens in the shape and size of your original pipe. It’s bloody brilliant, ye ken?

Let me tell you all the best things about what it can do for you.

A belter solution for residential plumbing problems

All the things that cause the most problems in your home are the problems that Blueline is specially designed to repair. There’s a whole bunch of blokes in Nuflow’s Head Office researching and developing to make sure of it.

It’s perfect for your draining systems, sewers, and stormwater pipes. That means that any of your clogged drains and toilets will be working good as new by the time Nuflow’s finished, and any lingering water that’s messing up your garden ‘cause of a messed up stormwater system will be gone with no worries.

Plus, you’ll never have to be worried if your pipes are the wrong kind for relining. Blueline is good for all kinds of material, like clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, PVC, and fibreglass.

Faster than a deerhound, and more efficient than a flushing toilet

You could reline the whole street in the time is takes to completely replace a pipe, with none of those holes that wreck your garden. Nuflow will inspect, clean, and reline without needing to excavate a thing. Sometimes I think about where my veggie patch would be today if my Mam had called Nuflow that day…

Anyways, I thought it was fantastic that the rest of the pipe system can stay functional while the relining is happening. When I had the blokes ‘round fixing my downstairs pipes, my daily 3pm ritual was undisturbed and I used the upstairs lavvy with no problems. This is a big deal for someone like me who appreciates a flushing toilet – the Scots did invent them after all.

Leaves your pipes in better shape than ever 

There will be no more quick fixes with Blueline. Any leaks will disappear, and it actually increases your fluid flow rate. Not to mention the structural integrity will be restored with a well smooth transition into your host pipe, which stops joints from weakening and keeps pesky tree roots out.

Moving forward, any chances of leaks, tree root intrusion, or blocked drains go way down, and because Blueline makes your pipes abrasion and impact resistant, they’re sure to last a long time. With all the work I’ve had Nuflow doing, it’s looking like my pipes will be around longer than me.

Works on all kinds of layouts    

Worried your pipe arrangement might be too complex to repair with Blueline? Don’t be! No matter if you’ve got multiple bends, a bunch of elbows, all sorts of branches, or different sizes, Blueline is up for the task. It can be installed in vertical pipes, horizontal pipes, pipes with junctions, and pipes with changing diameters.

Plus, the blokes at Nuflow can stop and start it at any point, meaning Blueline can do sectional lining. It’ll even repair places where there was no pipe to begin with!

Good for your wallet  

Nuflow is the only company that’ll repair your junctions in one process? This saves a whole lot of money and time.

Not to mention relining your pipes with Blueline is going to be a whole lot cheaper than paying to have someone destroy your home, change your pipes, try and fix your home, then have to pay for landscaping and home repairs if they completely goose up your backyard. When my veggie patch was destroyed my Mam tried to have someone – no, actually I don’t want to talk about it.

Top quality support you can trust     

At the end of the day, do ye ken the best thing about Blueline? It’s the support that you get from the people behind it. I’ve never met a company so committed to the quality of their work, and the satisfaction of their customers. They have all sorts of quality management processes in place to make sure you always getting the very best service and products.

They’ll be open and honest with you about all the options available, and find the best solution to suit you. Every step of the way they’ll keep you in the loop, and explain the process so you understand what’s happening. They’ll even send you the before and after footage from their CCTV drain inspection camera so they can be extra transparent.

Talk to Nuflow today

I hope my Blueline review has managed to convince you how bloody brilliant Blueline is, and shown that Nuflow are the pipe experts you can trust. I’ll never go to anyone else for my pipe problems. In fact, I’ve bought them out to reline my pipes so much I’ve nearly run out of things for them to fix. Been thinking I might give relining my bagpipes a go… 

Get in touch with Nuflow today for help with any of your residential pipe problems.

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