Why you shouldn’t wait to get your problem pipes sorted

When it comes to plumbing in your home, the old adage that ‘ignorance is bliss’ can be a very attractive option. Because our plumbing is out of sight under the ground and behind walls, it’s easy to put off regular plumbing services and maintenance.

But, as many homeowners know, a plumbing problem ignored can end up being far more costly and time consuming to fix. It can even cause damage to other parts of your home or property if left unchecked.


Need some motivation to book in that check up with your plumber? Here are a couple of the major dramas we’ve seen in our time here at Nuflow.

Broken pipes can collapse

When your pipes have cracks or breaks in them, they can deteriorate over time to a point that they become structurally unsound – especially if they are buried deep in the ground. At this stage, they can’t support the weight of the ground above them, and can collapse.

If your sewer pipe collapses, this puts your sewer completely out of action. It also means it might be too late to fix the pipe without digging. Depending where the problem is located, you could be looking at major excavation works to get the sewer line replaced. We know, not ideal!

How can you tell if you have broken pipes? Cracks can catch debris, which can result in a blocked drain over time. If your sinks are slow to drain, this could be a sign of a pipe blockage and potentially cracks in your pipes.

Water can pool under your foundations

As you can imagine, water pooling under your home can cause big problems. Damage to your foundations can cause cracks to form in your walls, and in the worst cases can result in parts of your home to sink or collapse.

We’ve found water damage to foundations to be one of the trickiest plumbing problems to spot, especially when the leak is underneath a concrete slab.

Some of the telltale signs that you have an unseen leak are:

  • cracks in concrete slabs
  • there’s a spike in your water bill
  • your water pressure is consistently low without reason


Regular plumbing checks and maintenance can help you get ahead of major plumbing issues. If you’ve never had a CCTV drain inspection before, it can really help you get a proper look at your pipes and a clear view of any big problems.

If you’ve just moved into your home, or you’re planning renovations, a CCTV drain inspection can give you the full picture – including the size and material of all of your pipes.


At Nuflow, we use our patented pipe relining technology to carry out broken or blocked drain repair. Essentially, we create a brand new, strong pipe inside the broken one – without digging up or excavating.

We do this by creating a custom-made felt liner made to the exact size of your pipes, and unfusing it with an epoxy resin solution. Then, we pull the new pipe into place using ropes and your existing pipe access points. So, no digging up your yard or destroying the foundations of your home to get to the problem.


If you’re ready to get to the source of the problem and sort it for good, we’re here to help. Our Nuflow teams are experts in pipe relining. We’ll do an inspection with our drain camera equipment and get you a clear view of your plumbing system – you’ll even get the footage so you can see for yourself. Talk to your local Nuflow team today to learn more.

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