What to do when you’re not sure who owns broken pipes

When pipe problems arise, the best-case scenario is getting the job done quick, that way things can get back to normal as soon as possible. But sometimes, the line can seem a little blurred surrounding whose responsibility it is to actually pay for and organise the repairs. It can leave you wondering “who owns the sewer pipes to my house?” or “who is responsible for water pipes on my property?”

In times like this, it’s hard to know how to proceed, which is especially inconvenient when damaged pipes are affecting your day to day. Here at Nuflow, we wanted to give you a guide on what to do next time you’re unsure about the responsibilities surrounding pipe ownership.  

Boundary connections to a water authority

Let’s say you have a blocked toilet. Usually, the next thing you would do is call someone in to get it fixed. They could find that the issue is a failed or broken boundary connection to a water authority’s sewer asset. These assets are often weak and susceptible to breaking due to age, ground movement and tree root penetration, so they have a life expectancy that many aren’t aware of. These broken pipes can cause build ups that clog your sewer line, resulting in that blocked toilet.

So, when damage happens to a connection that boarders your property and council property, who does is fall on to fix? Does the council own those pipes? This can be a bit of a dispute, as some councils and water authorities will take responsibility, while others won’t. It’s always worth giving the council a call and they can advise on whose job it is to solve the issue.

These connections usually run under a driveway, kerb, gutter, or road, so if it does fall on you to fix it may seem like a very daunting task. No one wants the time and expense of their roads ripped up, and pipes completely pulled out. Luckily, Nuflow can help to save the day.

How Nuflow can help 

Though the nature of a boundary connection is a little more complicated, it’s still no big deal for Nuflow. These connections are usually in the form of a branch or junction, resulting from two separate pieces of pipe joined during the manufacturing process. This means they could have different dimensions and textures, but our pipe relining is adaptable for any configuration. We can reline a complete junction in one piece, making the connection strong as new for a much better price.

Shared sewer line responsibility

Let’s again assume you have a blocked toilet but in this scenario, you’ve been informed that that issue is with a shared sewer line between you and your neighbour.

In the past, shared sewer lines were typically a way of connecting dual occupancy or terrace houses. Theses types of lines often cause issues due to deterioration from age, tree root intrusion or repeated ground movement, resulting in all sorts of blockages and pipe problems.

But who pays for a shared sewer line repair? If you have a reasonable neighbour, hopefully you can split the cost, but not all of us are so lucky. It can be a problem when you have a neighbour who is not interested in contributing to the costs associated with repairs. Maybe they’re concerned because the pipe is under a building or driveway, and they don’t want to deal with the inconvenience. Or maybe they’re just difficult and don’t see it as their problem. Either way, Nuflow has methods in place that can make this easy.  

How Nuflow can help

It may provide your neighbour peace of mind to know that Nuflow has a completely non-invasive solution to fix your shared sewer line issues. Our pipe relining means no dig is necessary, plus it’s a much cheaper alternative. The sceptic in them will be relieved to know that the issue is an easy fix with Nuflow.

Otherwise, Nuflow can do a sectional reline of just your sewer or drainage pipes. The blueline solution we use on sewer mains, stormwater pipes, waste systems and more can stop and start at any point, plus we can configure our liners to a variety of lengths. You’ll have your pipes good as new, without all the drama.

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