Top 3 winter plumbing problems and the root cause

The cold months are upon us, and across Australia – particularly for our friends down south – the only thing that’s predictable about winter weather is that it’s unpredictable! One day might be a balmy 20 degrees, while the next could be a frosty 10. In the winter season, there are some plumbing problems that we see year and year again here at Nuflow. Here are the top 3 problems that cause residents and plumbers to pick up the phone and call us for a pipe relining solution in winter.

1. Your water pressure is low, or fluctuates unexpectedly

Low water pressure can be frustrating – is there anything worse than being mid-shampoo only for the water flow to reduce to a slow dribble? Especially in the winter months!

2. You’re constantly running out of hot water

Are you finding that you run out of hot water every morning or evening when the household is showering, even though the same shower usage was just fine in summer? You’re not alone – this is a common winter plumbing woe.

3. You have a backed-up toilet

A blocked toilet is a stressful situation, and is one of the top reasons plumbers are called out. If you find that your toilet blocks up again and again every time it’s been fixed by your plumber, there might be a bigger problem at play in your pipes.

What causes plumbing problems in the winter?

There are a few common culprits when you’re experiencing low water pressure, running out of hot water, or have a backed-up toilet.

Your hot water system isn’t working properly

In winter, your hot water system is under more pressure than in the cooler months. For most hot water systems, an annual service is recommended to make sure everything is working as it should be – it’s a good idea to check with your system manufacture and set up a regular service schedule.

Your pipes are aged and have corroded over time

If there is a build-up of debris from corrosion in your pipes, it may cause your water pressure to ebb and flow and your water itself to be discoloured or dirty. This is usually caused by ageing water pipes (which are weakened more in the cooler, dry months), blocked inline filters or possibly a water leak under the building or somewhere on your property.

You have blockages in your pipes

Pipe blockages are often caused by cracks in your pipes, which causes debris to catch on and build up over time. Cracked pipes are also prime targets for trees searching for water in the drier months. Once tree roots find your pipes, or debris continues to build up, it can block your pipes and put huge pressure on your plumbing system and slow the flow of water to your home. 

Find out for sure with a CCTV drain camera inspection

There are lots of possible causes for your plumbing problems. As well as the seasonal causes we’ve mentioned above, we’ve also seen some very interesting things that have been flushed down the loo! The only way to be sure of what’s going on in your pipes is to check them out from the inside with a CCTV drain inspection. When you get a drain camera inspection, your plumber will be able to see in high definition exactly where the problem is. In most cases, they’ll show you the footage so you can also see for yourself!

Fix it for good with Nuflow

Nuflow’s pipe relining technology is a permanent solution to your blocked or broken pipes, sealing them off from the inside and protecting them against tree root intrusion. Our pipe relining technicians can conduct a drain camera inspection to help you get to the bottom of the problem and fix it for good. Contact your local Nuflow team to find out more about long-lasting plumbing repairs today.

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