Important – Before Doing Renovating – Check Your Pipes!

Our Nuflow technicians have seen it all, but one of the most heart-breaking scenarios they commonly witness is where homeowners have finished a perfect home renovation and subsequently discovered some serious pipe issues. These homeowners are usually pretty stressed about the prospect of having to excavate – destroying all their hard work and investment – to replace broken pipes. So we know that the most important thing you must do before renovating is to check your pipes.

Renovating without a pipe inspection is costly

Many homeowners renovate older properties without getting pipes inspected then later discover that they have major issues. In many cases the homeowner has recently bought a ‘fixer upper’ and doesn’t have a full or accurate history of the home and any recurring issues with pipes. In other scenarios, the previous owner has prepared the house for sale, including having blocked pipes cleared, and once the new owner has lived in the home for a while pipes become blocked again (as pipes that are cleared usually do).

Our technicians also encounter home owners who have proceeded to renovate in spite of previous pipe issues, in the belief that clearing and cleaning their pipes is enough. They are unaware that repeated clearing of pipes causes structural damage that can result in pipes that cannot be fixed.

In our recent article about the cost of pipe relining we describe the financial outlay and disruption of pipe replacement in contrast to having pipes relined – which repairs pipes and joins permanently without excavation or high costs. Many homeowners are unaware, however, that pipe relining is an option, or that checking pipes before starting a renovation job will mean that any pipe repairs can be carried out easily and at a lower cost.

Why pipe relining is ideal before renovating

It is important to know that while pipe relining is the best option for repairing damaged pipes permanently, it is always preferable to get pipes inspected before a major renovation starts as some pipes may be in such a condition that relining is needed urgently – delays can mean that pipes cannot be repaired.

Pipe relining is ideal for older properties for the following reasons:

Most of all, getting pipes inspected and relined before renovating is a safeguard for homeowners who want their home to have lasting value.

The cost of a pipe inspection

Pipe inspections cost under $300 (depending on your location and other factors) – a small price to pay for peace of mind before you renovate.

Pipe inspections carried out by Nuflow technicians are done using a camera – with footage and a full report provided so that there is complete transparency. If any pipe issues are identified, our technicians can also provide a fixed price quote to re-line them.

If you’re about to renovate or have already started, book a pipe inspection and get a quote on your pipe relining. Visit our booking page or call us on 1800 683 569 within Australia or 0800 168 356 in New Zealand.

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