The five pillars of the Nuflow warranty model

Nuflow Warranty

Most people are reasonably confident when it comes to negotiating the terms of a manufacturer’s warranty on a new washing machine but deciding on the best solution for broken or leaking pipes is often much harder. Whereas, the Nuflow warranty model has five (5) key foundational pillars.

In the past, knowing a reliable plumber was enough, but emerging technologies in recent decades mean the range of options for repairing broken pipes has significantly increased.

Importantly, there are now a range of pipe repair solutions that can be done without any excavation or digging at all. Known as ‘trenchless’ solutions, these new technologies mean less disruption, inconvenience and environmental impact for damaged pipes near buildings, roads and sensitive habitats. They also usually mean significant cost savings over all.

But with so much of what you’re paying for going on beneath the ground, it’s vital that consumers do their research to decide which of these trenchless solutions is best for them. They also need to check the reputation and referrals of the repair company and the terms of the warranty being offered.

Nuflow’s track record in pipe rehabilitation

Nuflow Technologies, for example, has been leading the way in trenchless CIPP pipe relining in Australia for nearly two decades, and apart from having successful and ongoing contracts with many of Australia’s largest council and water authorities, they stand behind a warranty model based on five guiding tenets.

The five foundational pillars of the Nuflow warranty model

The quality of the team, the product, the business model, the education initiatives and the code of ethics behind their CIPP relining solutions, have given Nuflow the confidence to back its technology to perform over the long term.

Most Nuflow products come with a 50-year warranty* and have a 10-year installation warranty, and while that might leave some businesses feeling vulnerable, Nuflow is fully confident in its work and committed to customer satisfaction, and knows problems will be rare and easily resolved.

The five pillars of the Nuflow warranty are:

Our team

We’ve got the leadership, the scientific and engineering expertise, the qualified installers, and the communication and education professionals to get the job done properly.

In 2004, Gold Coast plumbing contractor, Ed Ahern, took his small business in the direction of composite resin relining alternatives for blocked or broken pipes. Today the business employs around 40 full-time staff, including in-house scientists and engineers who are leaders in their respective fields. There is also a franchise network of fully trained and qualified installation partners throughout Australasia and New Zealand.

Together, these people are delivering innovative pipe rehabilitation and repair solutions across the globe, and their contributions are a vital component of Nuflow’s warranty model.

Our products

Our products are formulated using the highest quality raw materials, developed to exceed ASTM Standards, and independently re-tested to ensure they’re the best on the market.

ASTM International is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. For CIPP relining, ASTM F1216-99 (for rehabilitation of pipes by curing a resin-impregnated tube) requires that two tests be performed; one for strength and one for stiffness and results then indicate what the reline’s capability will be for the next 50 to 100 years.

Nuflow’s scientists and engineers abide stringently by these standards and have additional independent testing carried out to confirm their results. These tests consistently confirm that our products not only meet minimum requirements, but significantly exceed them.

We know our products are second to none, forming the second pillar of our warranty model.

Our business model

Nuflow is a fully integrated, end-to-end, Australian-owned business where the design, testing, development, manufacture and installation of products are a coordinated team effort between our in-house scientific and production staff. Our fully trained and approved installation partners. This means that in the unlikely event of an issue, we are able to work together to find where the fault has occurred and to provide solutions with minimal disruption or inconvenience to the client.

We create custom-designed solutions to suit each job, modifying our products or the installation process where necessary and using our own installers who fully understand how to get the best results every time.

Being based in Australia and New Zealand and operating throughout the Southern Hemisphere, we know local conditions, we know what’s happening every step of the way and we know the importance of retaining our great reputation.

With this model we can create the best solutions for each job and provide advice, resources and support when needed, which forms the third important pillar of our warranty model.

Our education and training

Nuflow has a network of franchise partners trained in the correct installation methods of products, and an ongoing training and education program for industry professionals.

Master classes are conducted regularly for industry professionals, installers are invited to two-day training workshops annually, and there are training modules built into the company’s annual conference program.

These forums give everyone involved in the various stages of delivery the opportunity to discuss new products and developments, learn about upcoming technologies and get a better understanding of how products work.

This level of commitment to training and education helps us meet customer needs and ensures our installation processes maximise results. It’s also the fourth of our warranty’s foundational pillars.

Our Code of Ethics

We’ve developed a Code of Ethics that reflects the way we serve our clients and go about our business.

Our company Code of Ethics includes having passion for what we do, integrity in how we do it and excellence in what we achieve. It states our commitment to our clients and the communities we serve, our intention to comply with industry standards and our alignment with quality assurance, safety and environmental protection principles.

It’s these ethics which guide our business decisions, and which form the fifth and final pillar of our warranty model.

These five pillars provide the foundation for not only Nuflow’s warranty model, but for the business as a whole, and give us the confidence to back our products well into the future.

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