Nuflow’s pipe relining of stormwater infrastructure promises long life for new road

Nuflow's pipe relining of stormwater infrastructure

The importance of stormwater drainage systems is significant. Stormwater drains are vital pieces of infrastructure that exist all over Australia and New Zealand, and often go unnoticed by the general public. Without the hard work of maintenance crews and engineers, this infrastructure would fail and roads would constantly be cut off after large storms and floods. So, when problems with stormwater pipes do occur it’s important to find an effective solution – that way more significant issues can be avoided. 

Road construction engineers in the Wollongong region quickly realised this when they were making updates to a suburban road. They identified problems with the stormwater system that ran underneath and connected to the local creek. As soon as they made this discovery, they knew it was time to make a call. 

Engineers found that stormwater system could risk the road 

The engineers in charge of the new road wanted to ensure the work would last for as long as possible. It was during cleaning of the creek and pipes that they noted displaced joints in the huge 1.5m diameter pipes.

Things got more complicated when they realised that all 3 pipes running under the road were suffering from the same issue. If not repaired, this could cause stormwater drainage issues and over time the infiltration of water through the joints could lead to the pipes sinking, along with the road above. 

In the future, this would mean that the new road would have to be cut off while the entire pipe system was dug up and replaced. So, the engineers on the job reached out to the Nuflow Wollongong team seeking a smart solution.

Nuflow Wollongong called in to find a fix with pipe relining

When Nuflow Wollongong answered the call to inspect the stormwater job, they had no idea how big it would be. After talking with the engineers and using their CCTV drain inspection to pinpoint the exact location of the issue, they quickly realised the full scope of what they were dealing with and were able to identify a solution. The answer was to use pipe relining technology to fix the stormwater pipe and seal the displaced joints, without disrupting the other works happening to the road. 

“I suggested using Nuflow’s Aussie-made Blueline System rather than Sumoline which is designed for heavy load.

The pipes were very strong, in good condition and really just needed to be sealed to preserve them long term, so it was an ideal job for Blueline” said Jon from Nuflow Wollongong.

Technicians got to work fixing the stormwater pipes

The road didn’t allow for large trucks or equipment as it was a small suburban road and demanded a small footprint on site, so Nuflow’s easily manageable tools and systems offered a great advantage. When the team arrived on site to commence the job, they quickly moved all their tools and relining equipment into the downstream exit of the culvert in the dry creek. 

The first step of the project was to seal the displaced joints to ensure no water could leak out of or into the pipeline in the future. The Nuflow technicians did this and ensured the pipe was prepared to be relined.

For the relining process itself, the team had designed a clear methodology that ran over three days. They decided to reline one massive DN1500mm (1.5m diameter) pipe each day, and by the end of the first day it was evident the plan would be a success. The team went on to complete the job on the 3rd day as planned, and when it was completed the drain camera was sent down again to confirm everything was in working order. 

Job satisfaction all around  

After three days on site, Nuflow Wollongong left behind a piping system that was perfectly sealed and performing good as new. All of the engineers’ hard work would stand the test of time, with the stormwater drain serving its purpose and avoiding damages to the new road in the future. 

 “We were thrilled with the outcome and so was our client” Jon said.

Let Nuflow help you stop things from getting stormy

Nuflow are the heavy weight experts when it comes to pipe rehabilitation. If you’re facing similar issues, give us a call. Our in-house engineers and chemists will help create a custom, long-term solution for your stormwater system. We know Australia and New Zealand, and can help extend the life of your assets, so contact your local Nuflow team for more information.

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