Nuflow’s 2023 Training Day: business support that fosters growth

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At Nuflow, we are invested in the success of our franchisees. That’s why we ensure the members of our network are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and understand best practices when it comes to our ever-evolving products and services. 

We are always striving to innovate, expand and help our franchise partners hone their skills. We deliver on this commitment with our training days; an annual event where we share knowledge on products, installation methods, and how to consistently deliver high-quality services. 

This year’s training day was held in March and was a resounding success. With an impressive turnout and high levels of engagement, attendees were able to gain significant value from the varied and diverse sessions. It was great to see our senior installers actively participating while supporting the other members of the group to upskill. 

Read on to get the full details on this great day.

The importance of annual training and business support

We are constantly welcoming new members to the Nuflow team. When these new members come on board, it’s important for our overall commitment to quality that they have a firm understanding of our systems and processes. That way they can confidently add value to a range of different projects.

Even our existing technicians, who have a wealth of experience, benefit from the training day. It is an opportunity to reinvigorate their knowledge with fresh insights and help to perfect their skills even further. There is such a high level of collaboration taking place that those who think they’ve seen and done it all can gain an understanding of situations they may have never encountered, making them better equipped for the future. 

From a head office perspective, these committed training days construct better foundations for the franchise partners. Head office supports the network with complex jobs as they arise, but with updated training sessions they can empower members of the network to tackle these jobs with confidence.

Business support and training sessions

So, what did the training actually involve? Here are the sessions we conducted.


Our first session provided valuable insights into the complexity behind the installation of our Sumoline solution. Sumoline is our strongest cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) relining system, specifically designed to structurally repair built infrastructure. With a portion of the network unfamiliar with its installation process and others unsure about its feasibility, it was great having the opportunity to demonstrate its benefits and application methods. The proficient execution of the session left attendees very impressed with the final outcome.

Learn about Sumoline in action here.


Relining around junctions is a complex but useful process. So, informing attendees on the junction relining capability of our core Blueline product was an important part of the training day. The session covered the intricacies involved in this process, informing technicians with a diverse range of experience levels on the best install methods. 

Making use of our junction rig, we were able to communicate the common challenges that can arise when working in the field and the accompanying solutions. Attendees walked away from the session with an increased understanding of how to align the junction and achieve optimal results through the reline.  

You can learn more about junction relining here.


Ultraline is a new relining solution that we’ve been working on in collaboration with Nuflow USA. It offers all new UV curing capabilities that will make the relining process faster than ever. 

To demonstrate the advantages of this new system, we arranged a virtual session with Nuflow USA members Mikel Thompson and Tom Bowman who answered questions and provided high informative, in-depth insights into the benefit of this system. We even conducted a practical demonstration where we highlighted how easy it is to use and how much time it can save.


We are always looking to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our installers in the field and in the office. One of the ways we’ve been able to do that is by developing specialised apps and online systems. These allow installers to access critical documents, tools and information via their mobiles, enabling more exact product measurements and greater process accuracy. 

During the session, we introduced Nutec, a state-of-the-art online training and education system that gives installers greater development opportunities. Team members can log on to the system and upskill themselves on processes, products, and equipment. 

We also presented updates to the Nuflow IQ system, which is essential for compliance and quality control. The IQ app facilitates greater transparency and accuracy, while making the warranty process much easier. 
Find out more about the IQ app here.


While CIPP relining is our specialty, it’s not all we do. We were fortunate to hold a session hosted by Nuflow Bendigo owner, Phil Kelly, who demonstrated how to use the Picote Brush Coat System. This system is ideal for smaller pipes, and a great alternative for pull-in-place liners when access is difficult. We also introduced the Nucoat system, which is a game changer for certain projects. The session was great for introducing expanded capabilities that can be applied to range of pipe relining scenarios. 

You can hear more about the brush coat system here.

Pressure pipes

Repairing of pressure pipes is an important process with specific requirements. During this session, we emphasised the importance of using the right tools and equipment when dealing with pressure pipes, which differ from standard drainage. Through a hands-on, practical exercises, we shared what technicians should be using to ensure success and compliance. The practical process was a great learning opportunity for our network.

KRE presentation

KRE is an Australian-owned company that has been manufacturing robotic equipment for over 30 years. They are a trusted partner of Nuflow whose products have allowed us to expand our capabilities.

KRE presented their product range, including their state-of-the-art robotic cutters. Their insights into these products demonstrated how franchise partners can leverage them in complex situations and projects, making the process easier. We appreciate their contribution to the event and the knowledge they provided to our network.

Creating success in the Nuflow network

Overall, the 2023 Training Day was an exceptional event that fostered learning, collaboration, and teamwork across the network. We are pleased we could offer business support and franchise training that allowed participants to feel confident and empowered. We can’t wait to see how they apply their newfound knowledge in the field and to discover the knowledge gained before the next training event. 
Find out more about the franchise support we offer our network.

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