Nuflow Hobart keeps community flowing by nurturing apprentices in the ‘no dig’ plumbing revolution

Hobart waterfront and CBD

Homeowners and businesses across Hobart can potentially save thousands of dollars in plumbing while supporting the next generation of pipe reliners, thanks to the expansion of Nuflow’s operation in Tasmania.

The national pipe relining company is best known for its unique system of placing ‘a pipe within a pipe’ using Australian-made relining materials with a 50 year warranty. This means no digging or excavation is required, saving potential damage to homes, businesses and industrial sites. 

Based in Mornington, the newly expanded franchise is proud to have up to 12 apprentices on the team at any time, and is eager to teach a new generation of plumbers about a modern and innovative relining process.

“We believe it’s important to support our apprentices by providing jobs and on-the-job training,” Nuflow Hobart Owner, Cath said.

“But it’s also important to provide a platform where they can learn modern plumbing techniques that are set to complement conventional methods.”

Cath said the majority of Nuflow’s apprentices stay on as plumbers and are eager to apply modern pipe relining and repairing solutions, which was a positive step to maintaining a healthy industry and service availability.

According to the Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service (AATIS), as of 30 June 2022 there were 389 approved Australian Apprenticeship qualifications in Tasmania, which is a decrease of 2% from 30 June 2021.

“Nuflow provides residential services and also works on large projects like commercial buildings and civil works. That’s why it’s important we provide plumbing jobs and train the next generation to make valuable services more available,” Cath said.

Cath first came upon Nuflow when the need arose on a project they were working on required relining a broken pipe under a roadway. With conventional solutions requiring expensive excavation, it was apparent that Nuflow’s unique underground camera inspections and ‘no dig’ solutions were something the area needed.

This motivated Cath to get involved by investing as a Nuflow franchisee.

“Nuflow helps in two ways, firstly to fix the problem without ever having to dig the pipes up, which can be an expensive exercise and cause all sorts of inconvenience.

“Using the latest CCTV camera equipment, we pinpoint the exact location of blocked or damaged pipes, clear them then use our innovative equipment and products to fix it from the inside.

“Our process makes them stronger than they were before and we can even address difficult joins, bends and dead ends.”

The locally owned business is excited to expand its Nuflow operations across Hobart and beyond to offer the unique full pipe rehabilitation service for residential, commercial and government work. 

“We are looking forward to future opportunities and working alongside Nuflow to continue to grow the brand across Hobart,” Cath said.

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