Nuflow and ASOE: A potable pipe partnership

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Nuflow continues to evolve and innovate so we can deliver superior pipe repair solutions to our customers. As part of this mission, ASOE Hose Manufacturing Inc.’s pipe relining products are now available to all Nuflow franchisees and our 120 plus installation teams. 

ASOE’s line of pressurised pipe rehabilitation products will help us simplify the relining process and solve more complex issues for clients of all kinds. Our revolutionary relining capabilities just got better, saving even more people from the invasive task of pipe replacement. 

Who is ASOE? 

ASOE Hose Manufacturing Inc. is focused on the development of high-tech hoses and other pipe rehabilitation solutions. They have long-term cooperative relationships with a number of scientific research institutions, including  University, Purdue University, Texas State University Arlington, China University of Geosciences, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. 

ASOE shares Nuflow’s passion for innovation and commitment to quality, allowing them to develop solutions that help transform the industry for the better. One such solution is the Pipe-in Liner, a Fabric Reinforced Flexible Plastic Pipe (FFRP) suitable for potable pipes, and now available at Nuflow. 

How the Pipe-in Liner works 

This solution offers a non-structural approach to pipe rehabilitation, with a simple installation process. No resin, impregnation or curing is needed, nor is there a connection between the host pipe and the liner. This allows the liner to work independently and enhances its durability. 

The Pipe-in Liner is folded into a U-shape, inserted into the host pipe and expanded. It acts as a leak-free resistant barrier within the damaged asset and is flexible enough to be pulled through 45-degree or 90-degree bends with a 5D radius. As it is pulled through, it will maintain its round shape without inside pressure and little pressure from the outside. This is due to the rigid nature of the liner. Even better, only coarse pipe cleaning is required before hose liner installations.

The benefits Pipe-in Liner  

What can Pipe-in Liner offer you? Here are the advantages available via this trenchless solution. 

Suited to potable pipes

Any repair methods applied to potable water pipes must be heavily regulated. This ensures public health and safety, maintains quality and compliance, and helps ensure the environment is cared for. Pipe-in Liner was researched and developed with this in mind and has undergone all the relevant testing to get it approved for potable systems. So, any plumbing issues related to your drinking water can be repaired and give you peace of mind knowing it’s safe.

Simple repairs and installation  

Replacing your pipes via traditional means is invasive, costly, and not always possible. Pipe-in Liner alleviates this concern, allowing you to rehabilitate your host pipe minimising the need to dig or excavate. In turn, this inflicts less environmental impact on the surrounding areas during the installation process. 

It also allows for a smaller working area than other pipe relining methods, lessening the time and labour needed. And because of the nature of the Pipe-in Liner process, there is less restriction on the required condition of the host pipe. 

Suited to all kinds of pipes  

Pipes come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Sometimes, new pipes have been added to older systems, or a new system must work around certain landmarks and obstructions, making for strange and convoluted layouts with many bends and turns. If a system like this becomes damaged, the repair process could become a headache – but not with Pipe-in Liner. The hose liner can be used in bends up to 45° and even 90° with a 5D radius, working around them while retaining its shape. It can also be applied to assets in various sizes, ranging from DN50 to DN1200. 

Strong and sustainable   

Once completed, the repaired asset requires no maintenance. It contains a high-tenacity fabric reinforcement layer that is abrasion-resistant. This means it can withstand erosion from any wear or tear or friction, which helps with the repeated flow of water and any particles that may be swept up with it. Your new pipe also possesses a 50-year design life, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing it will be in great condition for years to come. 

Suited for pressurised systems 

It is critical for assets in pressurised systems to be able to contain the fluids within them. If not, the assets can leak or burst, risking public safety, hindering system performance, risking regulatory compliance, and causing environmental damage. 

Thanks to deliberate design and thorough testing, the Pipe-in Liner method can be applied to pressurised systems, particularly pressurised rising sewer mains. So, if something goes wrong within such a system, you can benefit from effective and pain-free relining. 

Get help with your potable pipes from Nuflow

Nuflow is equipped with the technology, manpower and skills needed to assist with all kinds of situations and circumstances. If you’re ever dealing with issues from your potable pipes or any other asset, trust us to get things back and flowing smoothly as quickly as possible. Find out more on our website, or get in touch for a chat.

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