New Technology Protecting Our Heritage Listed Buildings

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Is your building heritage listed?

There are many homes and buildings that helped build the nation and need to remain as close to the original building as possible. Heritage listing restorations can be challenging but with Nuflow’s technology, it has been successfully used across Australia to repair corroded building pipes, radiators, and fire services lines.

Historic or heritage-listed buildings are often a centrepiece of a town or suburb, they create character and distinctiveness to a community. These buildings can often have a very positive influence on many aspects of the way a community develops. People are proud of their local history and value these buildings, but they often don’t realise how important a building is to them until it’s threatened or damaged.

These historically significant buildings need investment into maintenance and restoration to keep them operational and of value to the community, so what happens when plumbing and drainage systems fail? Do you just break parts of the building or dig up ground, driveways, and paths to find and fix the issue?

The answer must be NO, avoid any damage at all costs.

New technologies that have emerged to support utilities and government maintain large infrastructure are the solution needed. These technologies have been proven to be of benefit to Historic buildings too. Here isone of our pipe relining jobs which had to be in accordance with heritage guidelines: WARMING OLD PARLIAMENT HOUSE.

Pipe relining emerged as a way to repair or rehabilitate existing sewer and stormwater systems without the destruction to buildings or surrounding grounds and gardens (which can often also be historically listed).

Areas where heritage is understood and valued tend to be better looked after and regarded by the community. These buildings help foster pride and civic responsibility which support better communities, attract tourism and external investment. These heritage places not only reveal the story of Australia’s past; they safeguard and enrich our present and future. Retaining our limited heritage resources is green, sustainable, an investment and community building. Owners, businesses, residents and visitors all benefit as a result.


For over 15 years Nuflow pipe relining systems have been manufactured, installed, and guaranteed locally, which means end-to-end solutions, faster response times and easy resolution of issues. Nuflow systems are designed to be fit for purpose and made in Australia to suit our harsh conditions.

When it comes to protecting these important heritage-listed buildings using pipe relining systems should always be the first choice of building managers, choosing a locally made and installed system like Nuflow should be just as important.

Nuflow’s most popular products for heritage-listed buildings are the Blueline technology and Redline relining product.


Blueline is a pipe relining product which repairs and rehabilitates pipes by creating a pipe within a pipe. The epoxy liner installed bonds to the host pipe’s interior wall. It seals and protects the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the life of the piping system. Is perfect for drainage, sewage and stormwater systems, pool pipes and high wear or impact systems.


Nuflow’s non-structural epoxy resin relining solution for pressurised metal pipe networks such as those in fire suppressant or drinking water systems and radiators. It can be installed without disruption to walls or buildings and prevents contaminants and micro-organisms (lead etc.) from leaching into pipe water. The Redline technology has excellent curing capacity, meaning little disruption to users, operations or the surrounding environment.

Nuflow is able to support heritage-listed buildings in unique relining repair solutions to infrastructure. If you are interested in more information on rehabilitating heritage building pipes, radiators, and fire services lines, contact Nuflow for more information.

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