Murray Power Station – Blueline (Case Study)

Nuflow Pipe Relining

Work Performed

Utilising our Blueline Technology, the Nuflow Albury-Wodonga team relined 2.8m of 150mm stainless steel pipe.

Nuflow Albury-Wodonga were contracted by Snowy Hydro Limited to to repair a 150mm compressor lineer Station. This stainless steel pipe which has working pressures of 750KpA had been identified to be leaking.

Pipe problem

The inspection of the pipe found numerous stainless steel welds throughout it’s distance. One of these welds in particular had failed, due to stress and vibration caused by continuous high working pressure. These spiral weld joints on the inner circumference made an ideal bonding condition for the liner to adhere.


An alternative to relining of this project would have been replacing the damaged pipe embedded in a concrete wall approximately 2.5m thick, underneath a generator. This generator would have been inoperable whilst works were completed, a process estimated to take four weeks to repair and recommission.

Using the Nuflow relining method to carry out this repair ensured that any inconvenience to the facility was kept to a minimum. The leaking pipe was sealed in the internal circumference restoring the structural integrity of the pipe.

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