Made in Australia, for Australian conditions

As consumers, the purchasing decisions we make can have a big flow-on effect to our local businesses and communities across Australia. Roy Morgan Research estimates that if every household spent an additional $10 a week on Australian-made products, it would inject an extra $5 billion into the economy over a year, and create a huge 11,000 new jobs. That’s why this week – ‘Australian Made’ week – Aussie shoppers are being encouraged to focus their buying power on products that are made and grown on home soil.

How can you support Australian-made products?

You can get on board by seeking out and purchasing products made in Australia. This week, if you buy something made in Aus, let your social network know by sharing a post and tagging the Aussie brand. Don’t forget to hashtag #Australianmade! You can also encourage your family and friends to get involved by spreading the word about the importance of supporting local makers and growers.

Are Nuflow’s products made in Australia?

You bet! At Nuflow, we’re proud to operate as a fully integrated, end-to-end, Australian owned and operated business model. The design, testing, development and manufacture of our products are all done in-house, and installed by our network of pipe relining experts. We help Aussie homeowners, councils and commercial businesses solve their plumbing problems – without needing to dig or excavate.

Tested for Aussie conditions by our in-house Research and Development team

Did you know that we’re the only Australian pipe lining company with the capability and capacity to design, manufacture and install its own epoxies and lining materials? Our pipe relining solutions are designed and tested by our in-house Research and Development team at our Gold Coast research facility.

Being based in Australia, we understand the unique local environmental conditions affecting plumbing systems like floods and drought. We design and test our products to meet these challenges, as well as exceed the international standards for safety, structural integrity and load-bearing requirements, for good measure. Our pipe relining solutions have been independently tested to show that our relined pipes will still be structurally sound in 100 years’ time.

“We are constantly formulating and testing the composition of resins, finding ways to solve industry challenges in the lab so we can take them out to the real world.” Dr David Rogers, Lead R&D Researcher.

Manufactured in Australia (the Gold Coast, to be exact)

Our Gold Coast manufacturing facility is where the magic happens. Rather than using off-the-shelf liners or resins, we manufacture everything locally. Because of this, we’re able to create custom-designed solutions for every pipe relining job, and make modifications or adjustments for each project as needed.

Installed by trained local pipe relining experts across Australia

Our Nuflow experts across Australia install trenchless pipe relining technology that helps repair broken pipes, protect against tree root intrusion, and fix the problem for good. Every year, our pipe relining technicians come to the Gold Coast for two days of training, where they learn about advancements in the industry and improvements in installation techniques.

Find your local Nuflow team

We’re proud to be Australian owned and operating, helping fix plumbing problems for good with our Aussie-made products. Because we manage the pipe relining process right from design through to installation, we are accountable for the outcome – the buck stops with us. If something goes wrong, you can deal with us directly, avoiding back and forth that you may have to deal with when working with overseas manufacturers.

Are you keen to solve your plumbing problems while supporting a local business using Australian made products? Find your local Nuflow pipe relining experts.

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