Jingle bells, something smells!

Nuflow Christmas Video

Jingle bells, something smells but Nuflow saves the day! Sewer problems at Christmas are no laughing matter but we’ve got you covered when a blocked drain does occur! In light of the silly season, we hope you enjoy this fun Christmas video we created! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Nuflow.

Snags are off the grill, Christmas cheer all round, till someone smells the sewer, leaking on the ground.

Jingle bells, something smells, pipes won’t drain away.

Oh what fun, it is to know that Nuflow’s on the way.

Dashing through the streets, in a two man Nuflow van.

Liners wrapped and packed, now here’s the Nuflow plan: we don’t need to dig, we’ll just clear that mess away.

Then we’ll just reline that pipe and save your Christmas day.

Jingle bells, nothing smells, those pipes all drained away.

Oh what fun it is to know that Nuflow saved the day.

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