Introducing Nuflow’s waterproof epoxy resin

Cured in-place pipe (CIPP) solutions

As one of the only pipe reliners that develop and manufacture our own materials, it’s safe to say that we are confident in the quality of our offerings. Nuflow’s range of solutions have been custom-made to solve the common problems impacting Australasian infrastructure and make repairs easier for our clients. 

Blueline was the first of our developed products and showed how we do things differently to conventional plumbing solutions. It has been instrumental in restoring all kinds of piping systems, from sewer mains to chemical pipes. 

Now, we are expanding its capabilities even further with Blueline Underwater Epoxy Resin. 

What is Blueline Underwater Epoxy Resin?

This cured-in-place resin has been specifically designed to reline pipes that are damp, wet, cold or subject to infiltration. It was developed to cure regardless of any moisture, even if it’s totally submerged in water. 

Its chemical makeup ensures that it repels water throughout its curing process and does not wash out, nor is its integrity impacted by water infiltration. Most excitingly, it is available in two variants: fast cure and normal cure. Either can be used depending on prevailing temperatures and the complexity of the installation.

A guide for curing times  

Depending on the temperature of the pipe, there are a few different curing time outcomes, allowing us to select the optimal timeframe for a project. Note that the colder the temperature, the longer the process as the resin moves more slowly at cooler temperatures. Here is an overview. 

Normal curing    

  • At a temperature of 13̊C, you can expect a worktime of 70min with a cure time of 6 hours. 
  • At a temperature of 21̊C, you can expect a worktime of 40min with a cure time of 4 hours. 
  • At a temperature of 29̊C, you can expect a worktime of 30min with a cure time of 2 hours and 30 min

Fast curing    

  • At a temperature of 13̊C, you can expect a worktime of 40min with a cure time of 4 hours. 
  • At a temperature of 21̊C, you can expect a worktime of 20min with a cure time of 3 hours. 
  • At a temperature of 29̊C, you can expect a worktime of 120min with a cure time of 2 hours.

How can waterproof epoxy be used? 

There are plenty of options when it comes to the application of underwater epoxy resin. Since it is suitable for Nuflow’s standard and hybrid felt/fibreglass liners, it can be used for any issue that calls for general CIPP application. Plus, of course, when the host pipe is wet, damp, cold or impacted by water infiltration. 

The benefits of waterproof epoxy 

Negates access issues  

Sometimes the presence of water in pipes can make it difficult to access problem areas. For example, if there is a broken or blocked pipe connected to a water main, it may require a main shut off or the draining of a pipe. This takes up time and resources, making for a much more complex and costly project. With Blueline Underwater Epoxy resin, this is no longer an issue. We can simply install the resin into the pipe along with the water and continue the relining process as normal. 

Saves costs 

When we don’t have to work around access issues, or our clients don’t have to pre-prepare the site, there is much less labour and time involved in the project. This can save resources for everyone involved, equalling to less expenses. It also allows us to expand our capabilities and provide solutions in scenarios we may not have been able to before. This means we can help save more people from the costs of a replacement. 

Fewer restrictions from the environment  

If the environment isn’t ideal, for example, the pipes are frosted or it starts to rain, that won’t impact our ability to perform the reline. Unpredictable weather conditions are no longer a problem or cause for concern, which shortens timelines and helps us get the job done more efficiently. 

Minimal shrinkage  

Blueline Underwater Epoxy Resin is a 100% solids formulation with negligible cure shrinkage. Combined with the excellent adhesion of the resin, this ensures there are minimal gaps between the host pipe and the relined sections when using this product. 

More solutions   

With increased application options, there are more solutions we can provide. For example, if wet or damp concrete is impacted on a construction site, clients wouldn’t have to start from scratch. We can simply seal it using the underwater epoxy with no trouble. Plus, with the extra options for curing times, we can better tailor the relining solution depending on the circumstances. If a client needed a quicker result and was under a time constraint, the fast cure time can provide the outcome they need. 

Take advantage of this innovative solution today    

Whether you have broken water pipes, an infiltrated drain, a damaged stormwater system, or something in between, this could be the solution for you. Our teams will assess your pipe problems with expertise and knowledge, then use their skills to get you an ideal outcome. 

Remember that when you partner with Nuflow, you are backed by our specially designed, innovative processes and products. We are here to provide seamless solutions and high-quality service. Talk to us today.

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