How pipe relining technology can solve common pipe problems

When you have issues with your pipes at home, you need a solution—and fast. Outages and issues caused by broken or blocked pipes can be annoying and cause disruptions to your daily life, but what’s even more frustrating are quick fixes that result in recurring problems. No sooner does it feel like you’ve fixed the problem, before you find yourself back in the very same position again.

Looking for a more permanent fix? Pipe relining is a modern technology that involves fixing a pipe from the inside, without the need to dig or damage the surrounding environment. 

How does pipe relining work?

Repairing a pipe the traditional way requires replacing it altogether. To do this, your plumbing professional would need to cut into the relevant floor, wall, concrete slab or garden bed to expose the pipe and replace it with a new pipe. After pipe repairs are complete, you would then need to engage another professional to repair the damage to the surrounding area.

Instead, Nuflow’s pipe relining solution is completely non-invasive. First, the affected pipes are cleaned using a high pressure water jet. Then using existing access points, expert technicians reline the pipes from the inside and seal off any cracks using a hardy, epoxy material. This essentially creates a pipe within your pipe, and repairs the issue the first time around. It’s a long-term solution, much more eco-friendly than the alternatives, and requires minimal down time. Often this process creates a pipe that is even stronger than the original.

Common pipe problems

Having plumbing issues at your home? Here are some of the most common pipe problems, and how pipe relining can solve them.

Broken and blocked pipes
Do you have a blocked toilet or sink, or noticed a bad smell in your home? A broken pipe could be the culprit. If your pipes become cracked, debris like fats, oils and hair deposits can catch on the broken edges and create blockages over time. Foreign objects that are accidentally dropped down the drain, such as toys or jewellery, can also block a drain – as can non-flushable items like nappies or baby wipes.

To find out if a broken pipe could be causing your plumbing problems, your local Nuflow team can conduct a CCTV drain camera inspection. They’ll pinpoint exactly where the problem is, so they can clear it out with high-pressure water jets. Then, they can take care of the broken pipe with Nuflow’s pipe relining technology.

Tree root intrusion
Tree roots grow in a process called hydrotropism. They split and grow one cell at a time towards points of moisture in order to absorb nutrients. The best environment for growth is warm, rich soil – just like the kind around your sewer pipes.

Tree root intrusion occurs tree roots find their way into your pipes, causing blockages. This leaves you with a particularly difficult problem to solve, as no matter how many times you clear out the tree roots, they’ll keep on growing back. Nuflow’s pipe relining solutions can help you stop tree roots in their tracks by sealing off all the cracks and preventing them from re-entering your pipes. 

Cement in pipes
Surprisingly, cement in pipes is a common problem, and one we encounter often here at Nuflow! This usually happens when there is a crack in pipes running under a house, and a fresh concrete slab is laid. If the crack wasn’t noticeable, it can slowly let in the concrete as it’s setting – leaving you with a completely blocked pipe.

Pipe relining is one of the only solutions that means the concrete slab doesn’t need to be ripped up to get to the pipes. We use specialty tools like robotic cutters and an environmentally friendly concrete dissolving product CrocCrete to remove the concrete, and then repair the crack with our pipe relining technology.

Uncovering the cause of your plumbing problems

Given most pipes live beneath the surface, accessing a broken pipe to determine the issue can be difficult. At Nuflow, we use high definition CCTV drain cameras to find out what the problem is, and pinpoint the exact location. Our expert technicians send the camera down through the pipe lines to investigate the problem. We even record the footage so you can check it out for yourself. From there, we can advise a tailored and cost-effective solution for your repairs.

Looking for a permanent solution for your pipe problems? Talk to your local Nuflow team today to find a solution for you.

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