How Nuflow is helping our pipes become more water-wise

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Nuflow is not just in the pipe relining and rehabilitation business. We’re also in the water-wise business.

We had the opportunity to attend the Water Corporation’s 2023 Waterwise Forum in Western Australia, where we discussed the crucial role of water in all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was a great opportunity to highlight how Nuflow’s unique pipe relining solutions are working towards stronger, more effective water management, and preserving our resources for ecosystems and future generations.

Water is one of our most precious resources. Potable (drinkable), readily available water is the bedrock of our society and without it we would struggle to maintain the lifestyles we currently enjoy. But when pipes that transport potable water are old, clogged, misaligned or damaged, they can stop hundreds of thousands of gallons of thirst-quenching water from getting to where it needs to be.

While our cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) and spray-in-place-pipe (SIPP) solutions target the pipes themselves, this is why one of our larger goals is to foster a more water-wise system and minimise unnecessary water waste.

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How Nuflow helps keep us water-wise

Being water-wise is one of our primary goals and drives our approach to delivering quality pipe relining solutions. Essentially, we help reline or rehabilitate pipes with our unique CIPP or SIPP solutions, and the immediate result is a new pipe ready for action. Indirectly, that pipe will help reduce water waste as it is damage-free and vastly more efficient.

Here are some of examples of our contribution to a more water-wise society.

Potable pipe relining solutions

Nuflow has several solutions that are specially designed to safely handle potable water to ensure that it remains healthy to consume. Greenline, for example, is AS/NZ 4020: 2005 approved, meaning it’s safe for drinking water, compliant to domestic and international standards. Our Redline solution is similarly certified, and is also BS6920-1:2014 approved to be suitable for use in contact with water intended for human consumption.

Our potable water-safe epoxy coatings are also designed to handle high pressure for long periods, and are highly durable. They can exceed the crush and bust limits of conventional AC and UPVC pipes. Ultimately, this means that a Nuflow solution is able to handle larger pressures and higher volumes, significantly improving the efficiency of how we get our drinking water, without excessive waste.

Stop leaks from damaged pipes

Depending on the scale of damage to your pipes, leaks can waste thousands of litres per day. That is a huge concern for our resources when you consider how long it might have been since you last checked your pipes, or if they’ve been checked at all.

Conventional pipe repairs can be costly and time consuming, requiring new materials as well as significant time and labour to dig out and replace the leaking sections. Our low-impact results in a smooth permanent epoxy barrier for your pipes, coating all damage and preventing thousands of litres of water waste. 

Reverse deterioration in old pipes

When old, degraded pipes are damaged or experience significant deterioration, their lack of structural integrity can lead to a small issue cascading into a much larger problem. Whether they are steel or UPVC, aging pipes with minor cracks or rusted joints can fail in catastrophic ways, such as major bursts that can cause flooding and waste thousands of gallons in a short timeframe. Our relining solutions last for decades and are able to withstand a level of strain that older pipes cannot, with Greenline providing a higher crush and burst strength than common AC and UPVC pipes. The result is a reliable pipe system that saved old pipes from being the cause of water waste that could impact entire communities.

Enhance flow and improve efficiency

A healthy flow rate is the difference between a trickle of water coming out of your taps and the healthy stream you expect. And it’s more important than you think. Consider the last time it took you minutes to fill a bucket when it should have taken seconds. Now consider the impact of that inefficiency when applied to large infrastructure systems. Compensating for poor flow rate, whether it’s caused by obstructions or jagged pipes, requires more energy and water to generate the desired output. When the system is working harder than it needs to, it can lead to major water waste.

Our epoxy relining, however, leaves a smooth and obstruction-free pipe within the existing pipe, helping to enhance the flow rate and reduce the volume of water needed to maintain healthy outputs.

Reduce your water waste with Nuflow’s pipe relining solutions 

By rehabilitating your pipes with Nuflow’s relining solutions, you’re choosing a tried-and-true method that symbolises the future of plumbing services. Not only do our solutions improve the quality of pipes themselves, but they also improve the delivery and efficiency of our potable water, minimising waste and helping society to be more water-wise.

Contact us today for more information about how Nuflow is part of the solution for a greener, more water-wise world.

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