Upgrade to Fire Protection System Big Success At Cairns Central Shopping Centre

Nuflow repairing a fire service system at Cairns Central Shopping Centre
Pipe repair article in the Cairns Post
Nuflow’s pipe relining solution big success for major shopping centre as featured in the Cairns Post

Nuflow’s successful pipe repair work to a fire protection system at a local shopping centre was recently published in The Cairns Post.

The large-scale job at Lendlease’s Cairns Central Shopping Centre involved relining more than 2500m of pipe for a fire hydrant upgrade and rehabilitation of its fire hydrant mains system.


With the shopping centre failing pressure tests for the existing fire hydrant system, Nuflow, known for their cutting-edge approach and state-of-the-art technology, were engaged to complete the job over a 15-week time frame.

Ben Norton, Project Manager at Nuflow, said the pipe repair work was carried out at night to ensure no daily operations were disrupted.

“Cairns Central Shopping Centre is a bustling facility and an important amenity for locals, so it was our primary goal to ensure we could get the work done with as little disturbance as possible to customers,” he said.

“While we relined over 2,500 metres of pipe, it had to be done in 100-150 metre sections depending on the diameter of the pipe, with each section taking two days each.

“We implemented the use of four 1000kpa air compressors for the job, and put soundproof fencing in place to combat any noise travelling to neighbouring residences.

“It’s great to see the job is now complete, with an upgraded fire hydrant mains system to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff.”

Compressors hidden away for Nuflow's pipe relining job

Compressors hidden away to ensure no disruption to the local shopping centre


Nuflow used a combination of their Redline and Blueline product on a network of galvanised steel pipe for this pipe repair job.

Nufow's before and after pipe repair photo

Sludge and corrosion in the pipe before relining and then the repaired pipe after relining with Nuflow’s Redline coating

With Redline an air blown non-structural coating for pressurised pipe systems, their Blueline and Greenline technology essentially creates a pipe within a pipe that structurally repairs all types of water and sewage pipes. Their technologies have the capabilities to; rehabilitate high-pressure water service mains able to withstand a pressure of up to 1800kpa, can handle temperatures up to 140°C and many chemicals including caustic soda, sulphuric and nitric acids and can cure underwater.

These pipe repair methods from Nuflow are being recognised as superior technologies for water pipe lining within commercial property maintenance. Since completing the repair, other major shopping centres are also inquiring about their solutions.

With COVID-19 affecting many businesses across Australia and New Zealand, local and major shopping centres need to be functioning at their full capacity to cater for shops reopening with restrictions now easing.

“It is a prime opportunity to conduct audits to pipes in conjunction with commercial shopping centre maintenance schedules.” Ben Norton said.

“Our products can enhance water main systems, extending its life by 50 years”.

If you are after commercial repairs, or interested in more information on rehabilitating aging water pipes, fire protection systems or fire hydrant upgrades, contact Nuflow for more information.

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