Combining trenchless and UV technology: introducing Pro Line

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Nuflow are pioneers in the pipe relining industry. We are always striving to improve our solutions, processes, and installation methods so we can solve more problems, more effectively. Beyond our own in-house research and development sector, we also seek out partnerships with other industry leaders to improve our capabilities and expand our service delivery. 

This has led us to partner with Pro Line. With our combined expertise, we now have access to even more trenchless technology that we can use to resolve your pipe issues. 

Who is Pro Line? 

Pro Line are market leading manufacturers of UV liners, specifically developed for trenchless rehabilitation of corrosion-sensitive pipe materials. 

Made from reinforced fibreglass, their UV liner can deliver greater strength than conventional liners for a range of pipes sizes, materials and systems. This includes concrete pipes, clay pipes, asbestos pipes, and steel pipes, for sewage, stormwater, drainage and trade waste systems. 

The benefits of UV pipe relining technology

Combining Nuflow’s expertise and Pro Line’s UV technology provides several advantages to commercial, industrial, and residential pipe owners. Here are just a few reasons why: 

Improved pipe performance

Once completed, our UV liners create pipes that are corrosion-free and chemical resistant. With renewed defence against UV light and abrasion, as well as outstanding long-term stiffness, it reduces the likelihood of deterioration that causes further issues down the track. The curing process also involves superior hydraulic flow, which results in a smooth inner surface. This can improve the flow rate of the asset and help water flow without being hindered by pipe imperfections. 

Easier, more cost-effective installation 

This new pipe relining method offers a fast curing process. Not only does this reduce installation times, it also diminishes how long we are required to be on site. As a result, you can save on labour costs while also getting things flowing as normal faster. Plus, the lightweight nature of the materials makes transport easier, saving expenses here as well. 

Longer asset lifecycle 

Pipes relined through this method have an exceptionally long design life of 50 years, across any environment or conditions. That means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your asset is in great shape for many years to come, keeping your system operating at its best. If anything happens to go wrong, you have the chance to leverage a warranty of up to 25 years. Nuflow can help you keep track of this with our IQ app and quality assurance processes. 

Versatile applications and assets 

Our market-leading manufacturing process combined with the latest fibreglass designs allows us to deliver more finely engineered graduations of wall thickness. So, if your damaged pipeline changes thickness throughout the system, we can alter the application process to account for this and deliver a more precise result. The nature of the liners is also suitable for pipes ranging from DN 150 through to DN 2000, making them applicable to all kinds of assets. 

Complies with all standards and certifications required

We have done our due diligence to ensure this process and result is compliant with all necessary industry standards and regulations. 

  • Water Research Council approved: international certification scheme to ensure products are safe, high performing, and environmentally conscious. 
  • GB/T approved: Chinese National Standard to approve flexural properties of assets under various conditions. 
  • DWA approved: The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste approves certifications and quality assurance schemes related to water and wastewater technologies, processes, and products. 

The Pro Line process 

Surface to be free of oil, grease, and flaky materials.

Use hydro jetting and mechanical abrasion to create a suitable high-quality bonding profile prior to application.

Talk to us about taking advantage 

Leverage the powerful Nuflow and Pro Line partnership to repair your pipes with best-in-industry processes. As always, our expert workmanship, high product standards, and commitment to quality will save you the expense and time of a full replacement while providing you with a better-than-new asset. 

Find out more about the other solutions we can offer, as well the benefits of the pipe relining process on our website.

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