Blueline is a relining product which repairs and rehabilitates pipes by creating a pipe within a pipe. The epoxy liner installed bonds to the host pipe’s interior wall. It seals and protects the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the life of the piping system.

Suitable for a range of environments and situations including:


Abrasion and impact resistant resin



Sewerage and storm water pipes



Nuflow Pipe Relining | Blueline structural liner

Blueline is suited to a wide range of piping systems, including:

Sewer mains, horizontal laterals, stormwater pipes, water pipes, trade waste pipes, waste systems, vertical drain stacks, vent systems, sanitary systems, industrial and chemical pipes and many other applications.

Common types of pipes that can be repaired include:

Clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, PVC and fibreglass. We will look at all types of pipes and try to develop a solution for every scenario.

Key Features

Get the job done.

The relining process takes a fraction of the time of traditional re-pipe methods.

Repairs without digging, excavating and destruction.

This means that the disruption and demolition to any building or environment is minimised.

Restoration of pipe systems.

Allows restoration of pipe systems with multiple bends, elbows, branches and transitions in pipe diameter, all from existing access points.

Adaptable for any pipe configuration.

It can be installed on junctions, bends, horizontal or vertical pipes, all in one complete application. We are the specialists in Lateral Connection Liners (LCL) / House Branch Connections (HBC) and the only company to repair junctions in one process, saving time and money.


The pipe system remains functional during the relining process.

Most versatile lining in the world.

Structurally repairs pipes in diameters from 40mm to 1500mm. Although we can custom make solutions for larger diameters.

Restores structural integrity.

Restores structural integrity, prevents joint weakening, has a smooth transition to the host pipe and prevents roots from penetrating the line.

Sectional lining.

The Blueline product allows installers to stop and start at any point within the pipe to give greater flexibility with sectional lining. Nuflow can make liners to any configuration and with various lengths.


Prevents root intrusion and stops leaks.

Assists to prevent blocked drains.

Increases flow rates.

Eliminates digging, excavation and destruction. It also reduces any risk of accidental damage to other services caused by excavation.

Provides structural repair even when there is no existing pipe.

Independent tests reveal it has greater strength properties then new pipes.

Cost effective alternative to pipe and drain replacement.


Camera inspection

To locate cause of failures and identify locations.

Clear and clean pipes

Using high-pressure jetting and pneumatic tools.


Using existing access points and via a pull-in-place method.

Post camera inspection

With video footage supplied.

Nuflow Pipe Relining | Pipe Repair Specialists | No dig pipe repairs
Nuflow Pipe Relining | Pipe Repair Specialists | Blueline
Nuflow Pipe Relining | Pipe Repair Specialists | Blueline


We test all our products and ensure they are compliant to international standards.

Reports can be obtained on

  • Tensile Strength
  • Flexure
  • Compression
  • Flow rate
  • Crush Strength
  • Abrasion
  • Ring Stiffness
  • Chemical / immersion testing
  • Heat Distortion
  • Vacuum Testing

Request a copy of our technical data to review the scope of results.