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Buy-now-pay-later tips to Fix Pipes

Fixing blocked pipes and relining drains when money’s tight doesn’t have to mean cutting corners. With increased uptake of various BNPL (buy-now-pay-later) payment plans many plumbing and relining companies are taking the hard work out of paying for repairs.

This article explains how the options work, the advantages they bring and how you can get your pipes fixed without dragging your finances through murky waters.


With the explosion of the online world even the most cautious of us have been making purchases electronically. The recent global health crisis sent us hurtling toward online purchase and payment alternatives at an even faster rate. This means paying for things online has now definitely become the norm. Everything from the dog’s flea treatment to electricity bills to take-away from the local pizza joint can be done in a few simple key strokes. So it makes sense that organising and paying for pipe repairs and maintenance should be just as simple.

As a result, there are many leading pipe relining companies and plumbers that have payment plans. Minor or small repairs can be carried out by plumbers with Afterpay (generally for purchases up to $500) while relining companies or plumbers using Zip Pay can usually offer customers pay later options for work up to $1000.

If there is a chance the job will end up costing more, it’s advisable to go with a company offering Humm (formerly Certegy Ezi-Pay) which can be used for works anywhere up to $30,000. This means it is relatively simple for customers to get important or urgent work down when they need it, but with the option to pay for it later. Even better, it isn’t increasing the overall price.


It basically works like a traditional lay-by system, but with the added advantage of getting the goods or service now, rather than later. Unlike a credit card, you are not paying interest on the purchase so long as you make the required payments on time. You are also not paying an inflated price or surcharge for using the option. In fact it is the ‘seller’ or service provider that picks up the tab.

When it comes to pipe repairs or relining, there is often little time to shop around or save the amount needed for the job to be done. It is also often quite dangerous and risky to delay the carrying out of necessary repairs. Band-aid or DIY options might get you out of trouble for a while, but often these can lead to even more trouble down the track and a much higher cost if things go seriously wrong.

If relining is deemed the most cost-effective repair strategy (which is usually the case if the damaged pipe is located beneath a driveway, building, pool, path or prized garden), but you can’t afford the full cost of the job straight away, one of these BNPL alternatives is always going to be your best options.


Unlike credit cards, you will not be accumulating interest when you use a BNPL option to pay for a plumbing service. Check with your pipe reliner or plumber that they use a reputable supplier; preferably a company which is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), which is an independent financial dispute resolution scheme. You should also NOT be charged any extra by the merchant for using the service. If a merchant does try to charge more for using a service you should ask them to explain why. Humm, for example, asks its clients to contact them to report merchants who are trying to charge additional fees for using their service. Whilst most of these payment plan options will have a standard monthly fee for service (around $5 to $10 per month) it is often only charged when you have an outstanding balance. For very large purchases there may also be an establishment fee of around $35-$60.

By checking that you are using a highly reputable drain clearing and pipe relining company, and that they also use a reliable, legitimate payment plan provider, you can go ahead and arrange for quality pipe repairs without the usual financial strain.


Nuflow is a fully Australian pipe relining company helping thousands of New Zealand and Australasian homeowners and businesses fix pipes every day without the need to dig. They use innovative, environmentally friendly technology to reline pipes internally, using existing access points. They can repair pipes without causing any disruption to households or business operations and the new composite resin pipe that is formed is stronger than the original pipe and guaranteed for up to 50 years.

To make sure everyone is able to benefit, most of their franchise partners offer payment plans through Humm (Certegy Ezi-Pay). This means you can make an initial deposit for your work, then reduce the balance by repaying in fortnightly installments. Depending on the overall cost of the job, you can apply for credit before you start organising repairs and get online approval up to $10,000. You can extend some payments for as long as 30 months, and you can even pay off your balance early without any penalties or hassles.

If you’d like more information about how to organise a payment plan with Nuflow, contact their customer service staff today.

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