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East Water Tower – Pipe Relining (Case Study)

Work Performed

Utilising our Blueline technology, Nuflow Wide Bay relined 4.6 metre section of a 100mm vertical sewer pipe adjacent to the footings of the heritage listed Bundaberg East Water Tower.

The East Water Tower is the only circular brick tower in Queensland. The tower is a perfect example of late 19th century technology, using the increased water pressure provided by the tower in order to allow the reticulated water  system to flow through efficiently.

The Problem

The sewer pipe that runs adjacent to the footings of the water tower had become root intruded due to a break in the pipe.


Excavating and replacing the pipe was simply not an option due to the risk factors involved in excavating this deep beside the footings of the water tower. The excavation process could easily have resulted in undermining the footing and placing the tower on a lean.



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