The benefits of inspecting pipes with Nuflow

With CCTV Drain Inspections Nuflow is able to:

  • Precisely locate blockages, leaks, breaks, tree roots, corrosion and other damage
  • Diagnoses issues immediately
  • Utilise the latest equipment and technology for close ups, tilting and the capturing of detailed images the naked eye may miss
  • Safely identify pipe issues without costly excavation
  • Make preventative repairs before major issues arise
  • Provide a cost-effective pipe inspection strategy that enables repairers to give clients upfront, precise, honest and transparent quotations and prices
  • Give clients a permanent record of damage and repair reports.

Why are pipe inspections so important?



A CCTV pipe inspection is essential in assessing the extent and location of damaged pipes prior to carrying out pipe repairs. It is also ideal for:

  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Pre-renovation pipe assessments
  • Preventative maintenance and repair investigations in ageing properties.

Findings & Outcome


Our Nuflow expert technicians use CCTV pipe inspection equipment to reveal:

  • Broken, cracked or crushed pipe
  • Misaligned, displaced or collapsed pipes
  • Foreign objects (including lost items) and tree roots
  • Incorrectly connected pipes such as stormwater and sewerage pipes
    blocked pipes

When to get a CCTV Pipe Inspection?

Signs you need a CCTV drain inspection include:

  • Recurring blockages
  • Flooding, water that’s slow to drain or continually backs up
  • Bad odours or gurgling noises in your pipes
  • Cracking on exterior walls
  • Movement in retaining walls
  • Bright green patches of lawn or areas that are consistently wet or muddy

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