Greenline is our potable water relining solution, designed to repair pipes under and above surfaces you don’t want to destroy. Nuflow’s Greenline product structurally repairs any type of potable system. 

Suitable for a range of environments and situations including:


Safe for drinking water


Asbestos cement (AC), UPVC, copper, steel and many other pipe types.

Nuflow Pipe Relining | Greenline

Key Features

Safe for drinking water

AS/NZ 4020: 2005 approved. Safe for drinking water, compliant to domestic and international standards.

A structural solution

Structurally repairs high pressure water service mains in diameters from 40 mm-1000 mm.

Can take the pressure

Greenline withstands long term pressure of up to 1800kpa.

High standards

Designed and installed in accordance with ASTM F1216, AS2566 and ASTM F1743.

Strong bonds

Bonds to the host pipe. Can start and stop at any location in host pipe.

All-round connections

Connections can be made directly onto the Greenline structural liner with or without host pipe.


Tees and house service connections can be re-instated from main service line.


Higher crush and burst strength than AC and UPVC pipes.


Prevents root intrusion and stops leaks.

Increases flow rates.

Minimal access points and only a small footprint of onsite equipment required to conduct repairs.

Provides structural repair even when there is no existing pipe.

Ability to connect existing service lines without excavation.

Cost effective alternative to pipe and drain replacement.


We test all our products and ensure they are compliant to international standards.

Reports can be obtained on

  • Flexure
  • Compression
  • Crush Strength

Request a copy of our technical data to review the scope of results.