What Signs Lead to Needing a CCTV Drain Inspection?


WHAT IS A CCTV DRAIN INSPECTION? A CCTV drain inspection allows plumbers to see exactly what’s happening in your pipes and drains. Using the latest equipment and technology, the procedure involves the use of a small camera with a bright LED light attached. This small camera is pushed through the bends and joints of your pipes to […]

Pipe Relining Solutions for Commercial Drains 


Commercial pipes can be challenging to repair or replace, particularly in hard to reach places. At Nuflow Brisbane South, we use the latest technology to provide effective and affordable pipe relining solutions to fix residential and commercial drains. Our revolutionary system eliminates the need to undertake extensive excavations to reach underground pipes and plumbing networks. […]

Brisbane South Plumbers Reveal the Importance of Drain Cleaning


With the average household using their drains numerous times every day, it’s easy to understand why any blocked drains could cause problems and even damage to the home. From washing the dishes to taking a shower and using the toilet, all these pipes are connected to your home’s plumbing system. Over time a build-up of […]

Blocked Drains: Prevention + Treatment

the real cause of that cracked pipe

Blocked drains affect all households at one time or another, causing minor annoyance such as water draining slowly from the shower or kitchen sink, through to major dramas with sewer or water pipes backing up and requiring emergency attention. WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE BLOCKED DRAINS If the blocked drain is in the kitchen, […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleach in Drains

Woman hand pulls close cap of drainage hole of sink to drain water

Take a peek inside the average home’s cleaning cupboard and you’re sure to find a container of bleach. While most of us think of it as a cleaning agent, it is actually a chemical solution of sodium hypochlorite. When diluted with water, it’s great at killing germs on common household surfaces like kitchen benchtops, rubbish […]

Dealing with Drain Sludge


If the bathroom, kitchen or laundry drains smell, this is usually caused by sludge build up in your drains and traps. Nearly all of us have, or will have to face it at some point in our lives: that horrible moment when you have to pull the clumps of hair, soap scum, food, mouldy black […]

Drain Repair: The Easy Solution


Drains and sewer pipes are one of those invisible conveniences that we usually don’t really think about, as they quietly remove wastewater from our homes and businesses. It’s only when they become blocked or damaged that suddenly we have a real problem on our hands, with overflowing drains that is both smelly and unhygienic, and […]