What Signs Lead to Needing a CCTV Drain Inspection?


A CCTV drain inspection allows plumbers to see exactly what’s happening in your pipes and drains.

Using the latest equipment and technology, the procedure involves the use of a small camera with a bright LED light attached. This small camera is pushed through the bends and joints of your pipes to capture up close, high definition footage that would otherwise go undetected. This footage provides you with a full discovery of your pipe system showing the exact location of current problems and any future pipe repair issue that could occur.


There are a variety of signs that indicate possible problems in your home’s pipes and drainage. A CCTV drain inspection is a quick and convenient way to diagnose the cause of blocked drains, and may be a good idea if you notice any of the following signs in the water and waste functions of your home:

  • Recurring blockages
  • Slow to drain water
  • Overflows
  • Bad odours or gurgling noises in your pipes
  • Movement in retaining walls or cracking on exterior walls
  • Bright green patches of lawn or areas that are consistently wet or muddy

Many times, it’s only when a valuable has been dropped down the drain that people think of calling for a CCTV drain inspection. Luckily, the team at Nuflow Brisbane South are experts in the latest techniques and technology, and can easily locate your wedding ring or other precious item which has disappeared down the plughole!

We also recommend booking a CCTV drain inspection before purchasing a house. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new build or an older home, costly drain repairs may be required. We’ve seen old pipes blocked with tree roots from neighbouring properties, and new pipes filled with concrete which has been washed into the drains during the build – yet most buyers overlook a drain inspection after signing a contract. If you can prove the home’s pipes are clogged and in need of attention, you may be able to obtain a reduction in the sale price.


If you have a plumbing business in the Brisbane south, Ipswich or Logan areas, you can expand your service offerings and increase your profits without having to invest in additional staff or expensive equipment like that required for CCTV drain inspection. Ask us today about our Plumbers Rewards Program by calling (07) 3277 8401.


When it comes to organising a CCTV drain inspection, then Nuflow Brisbane South are the experts. By using the latest camera equipment, our team of experienced and licensed plumbers are able to inspect and locate drainage issues – or valuables! – even in pipes buried deep underground.

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