Drain Repair: The Easy Solution

Drains and sewer pipes are one of those invisible conveniences that we usually don’t really think about, as they quietly remove wastewater from our homes and businesses.

It’s only when they become blocked or damaged that suddenly we have a real problem on our hands, with overflowing drains that is both smelly and unhygienic, and sanitary facilities that are out of action.

For these reasons drain repair usually needs to be done quite urgently!

What Causes Drain Damage

Drain repair is called for when underground wastewater pipes break or collapse, usually due to:

  • corrosion and old age;
  • invasive tree roots through defects in the drain;
  • pipe damage from ground movement;
  • Failed and leaking joints.

Every time your drain is cleaned/cleared the equipment used to clear it can cause further damage. Electric eels can shatter the pipe and high pressure jetters can dislodge already shattered sections of drain, causing bigger issues.

Unfortunately, with pipes located underground and often in hard to access places, drain repair has traditionally been one of the most difficult of plumbing tasks, usually meaning major inconvenience during the repairs.

Thank goodness for Nuflow! Our technology and equipment make the process of drain repair as easy and unintrusive as possible.

The Specialists in Drain Repair

Whereas once drain repair meant major disruption to your home or business, we can fix the problem with our patented cured in place pipe relining. It’s an easy, long-term solution that saves both time and money.

There’s no need to dig up bathrooms, landscaping, driveways, car parks, pavements or similar. Using existing plumbing access points, our CCTV camera enables us to determine where the problem is.

Damaged pipes are then sealed and repaired by inserting a liner, which becomes permanently fixed to the original structure. This new pipe is now stronger than the old, existing pipe – in fact it is better than new!

For more than a decade we have been specialising in efficient and economical drain repair for plumbers, landlords, body corporates and property owners, in residential and commercial premises across Brisbane’s southside.

Wondering if Nuflow is the solution for your damaged drains? Ask your Plumber about the Nuflow way to fix pipes and drains or contact our team today on (07) 3277 8401.

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