Jet Rodding: The Solution for Major Pipe Blockages

If you have a major pipe blockage at your property, jet rodding is the best way to clear the debris.

Major blockages can be a headache to property owners. They can occur directly from the fixture (toilet, sink, basin etc), the drain of the fixture or in the main sewer line, which connects to the town sewer.

The drain pipes and sewer pipes are the channels for removing waste water away from a property. It’s important for these pipes to remain clear at all times to ensure an unobstructed flow and prevent the inconvenience of backflow when amenities are used.

There is nothing worse than flushing a toilet and having the effluent sit at the bottom of the toilet. What can be even more alarming is when the toilet bowl fills up after being flushed and results in an embarrassing overflow.

These situations can be avoided with regular drain cleaning; however it’s usually not until a blockage occurs that a jet rodding plumber is booked to fix the problem.

To prevent blockages, it’s important to understand what causes them.

When you know the cause of the blockage, this can determine the best method to remove it.

Jet rodding is the best method to blast a major blockage away, but you do need to understand what is deemed a major blockage and when to engage with this type of service.

Let’s explore the answers to these questions.


Blocked drains can be caused from a variety of issues. The most common causes for a blocked drain are:

  • Tree roots;
  • Flushing wipes or paper towels when using the toilet;
  • Rinsing fats down the kitchen sink, which solidify in the pipes to create ‘fatbergs’;
  • Flushing toys or solid objects down the toilet;
  • Hair and soap sludge;
  • Incorrect pipe fall;
  • Belly in the pipe;
  • Incorrect use of waste pipes connected to a fixture;
  • Concrete or tilers grout rinsed down the drain.

The type of blocked drain will determine which method is best to clear the blockage – this where a CCTV drain inspection may come in handy.

If it’s a minor blockage like hair and soap sludge down a shower drain or fats down the kitchen sink, the use of a snake and drain cleaning chemicals can usually dislodge the blockage.

But for a deep clean of your sewer pipes or when a blockage is majorly backing up the drains, jet rodding is the best approach.

Major blockages are often caused by foreign objects, tree roots, fatbergs and an accumulation of wipes.


Jet rodding is using powerful, high pressure to force a blockage away.

It’s a modern way to clear a major blockage and is less time consuming than using draining rods, snakes and the electric eel.

If you have a major blockage, jet rodding is the best way to clear it. Blockages like tree roots, fatbergs, flushable wipes (which aren’t actually flushable!) and even toys the kids may have flushed goodbye down the toilet, can be blasted away using a jet rodder.

The powerful force from jet rodding won’t damage drainage, unlike older methods using the electric eel. The suction won’t cause a draining rod to slip through a plumbers’ hand which can add to the blockage problem.


The high pressure of jet rodding clears a blockage in an efficient manner.

Major blockages can be an inconvenience to property owners and those using the facilities. It makes sense to book a plumber with a jet rodding machine to efficiently clear a blockage so the facilities are up and running again in no time.

Not all plumbers have access to a high-pressure water jetter. Some may even hire a jet rodder for your job.

At Nuflow Brisbane South we have our own jet rodders as well as the skills and experience to remove major blockages from your property.

Contact us to organise a call out so we can clear the obstruction using one of our jet rodding machines today.

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