What’s Involved in Drain Relining?

Gone are the days where backyards and businesses had to be destroyed to repair a blocked or broken drain. Today, there’s a modern approach to resolving drain issues, and it’s a game changer – saving time, money, and headaches for home and business owners!

Of course, we’re talking about drain relining, an efficient, cost-effective technique for fixing broken pipes and drains and making them even stronger than the original.

But what exactly is involved with drain relining, and why might you need it?

Before we go any further, let’s discuss difference between plumbing and drainage. Both are integral components of a building’s water management system, but each has a distinct function …

What is Plumbing?

Plumbing involves the internal pipes, fixtures, and water-related appliances within a building that are responsible for the supply and distribution of fresh water. It’s what ensures water is readily available for our needs, such as drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

What about Drainage?

Drainage, on the other hand, refers to the efficient removal of waste and stormwater into the sewerage system.

Why Might You Need Drain Relining?

If you’re noticing strange things in your plumbing (think: toilet not flushing properly, water draining slowly from the sink, or odd smells), it could be an issue with your drainage.

Natural ground movements, debris blockages, and joint wear-and-tear are common causes of cracked drains. And unfortunately, once there’s even the slightest crack, it’s an invitation for tree roots searching for water to creep in, invading the pipes and causing further (potentially significant) damage.

Your options? Well, since tree roots will continue to invade a crack, you could get the pipe cleaned with a high-pressure water jet every year; or you could fix the problem for good with permanent drain relining.

At Nuflow Brisbane South, our trenchless drain relining technology allows us to pinpoint exactly where the problem is – and FIX it – with no digging, excavating or destruction required!

What is Drain Relining? The Basics

Drain relining, also known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, involves the insertion of our Blueline® epoxy resin liner into a damaged pipe. It is blown into the pipe to cure, creating a new, seamless pipe within the existing one. This process effectively repairs cracks, leaks, and structural damage – without the need for excavation or replacement of the entire pipe.

What Steps Are Involved?

  1. Thorough Inspection. Using our advanced CCTV technology, we’ll do a thorough inspection of your drain to identify the problem. This allows us to assess the extent of the damage and determine if drain relining is the best solution.
  1. Pipe Cleaning. Before the relining process begins, the damaged pipe must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure optimal adhesion of the epoxy liner. High-pressure water jetting is commonly used to remove debris, scale, and any obstructions that might hinder the effectiveness of the relining.
  1. Liner Installation Next, the liner is inserted into the damaged section. Using air or water pressure, it is inflated, pressing against the interior of the existing pipe. As the resin cures, it hardens, creating a durable and seamless pipe within the original structure. This process effectively seals any cracks or leaks, reinforcing the structural integrity of the pipe.
  1. Quality Assurance. After the curing process is complete, we’ll conduct a final inspection to ensure that the newly lined pipe meets quality standards. The camera is once again employed to verify that the relining has been successful, and the pipe is now restored to optimal functionality.

Benefits of Trenchless Drain Relining

  1. Cost-Effective: Lower costs than traditional excavation methods, as it eliminates the need for extensive digging and restoration.
  2. Time-Efficient: The process is quicker than traditional repairs, minimising disruption to your home or business.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Drain relining reduces the environmental impact associated with excavation and disposal of old pipes.

At Nuflow Brisbane South, we offer pipe repair solutions for water, drainage and pressurised pipes in a wide range of diameters, and our innovative pipe relining repair methods provide long-term solutions with warranties of up to 50 years!

If you live on Brisbane’s southside, and you suspect a cracked drain or pipe, reach out to our expert team on (07) 3277 8401.

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