Pipe Relining Solutions for Commercial Drains 

Commercial pipes can be challenging to repair or replace, particularly in hard to reach places.

At Nuflow Brisbane South, we use the latest technology to provide effective and affordable pipe relining solutions to fix residential and commercial drains. Our revolutionary system eliminates the need to undertake extensive excavations to reach underground pipes and plumbing networks. Our ‘No-Dig’ pipe relining solutions minimise the risks of pipe failure and consequent water damage, and are backed with a 50 year warranty.


With many pipes being laid years ago, with age they start to fail, creating havoc for commercial business and corporate facilities. Corrosion and invasive tree roots are the most common culprits when it comes to damaged pipes and blocked drains.

If you own commercial property or are a body corporate or facility manager, just the thought of digging up concrete, foundations and paving, and major disruptions to the access and operation of your premises can cause a major headache.

As your local drain expert in Brisbane south (including Ipswich and Logan) region, our team provide pipe relining solutions that create minimal impact. Broken, damaged, or leaking pipes of any kind can be fixed with our pipe relining solutions which are versatile, durable and robust.

The unique Nuflow product and installation processes are specifically designed to enable our commercial clients to continue to function even throughout the pipe relining process.


The team at Nuflow Brisbane south consists of experienced commercial plumbers, with special training in ‘no dig’ pipe repair. When you turn to us for pipe relining solutions, the benefits include:

  • Increased pipe effectiveness and fluid flow rate;
  • Preventing lead and other contaminants from old pipes leaching into the water
  • Vastly decreased risk of potential damage to other services through excavation
  • An environmentally friendly method

Revitalise your aged, broken or corroded drains with ‘no dig’ pipe relining by Nuflow Brisbane South, and make them even stronger than the original.


If you have a plumbing business in the Brisbane south, Ipswich or Logan areas, you can increase your profits and your service offerings by partnering with us for big projects like commercial pipe relining. Ask us today about our Plumbers Rewards Program by calling (07) 3277 8401.


Contact Nuflow Brisbane South about our pipe relining solutions for your commercial premises. Based in Rocklea, we are your local drain expert is you live the surrounding areas of Coopers Plains, Annerley, Moorooka, Greenslopes, Mt Gravatt, Sunnybank, Runcorn, Holland Park, Oxley or Corinda – although we serve suburbs across the Brisbane south region, from Logan to Ipswich and the bayside.

Call us today for a tailored solution to fix your broken pipes from the inside, without the need to dig.

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