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What to do About Blocked Drains

If you’ve lived in your home for long enough, you will eventually encounter a blocked pipe or drain.

Whether it’s a backyard sewer, or a sink in the kitchen or the bathroom, there’s often more than just water disappearing down that plug hole!

There are many types of blockages, and there are just as many remedies to try: from the good old plunger, to bicarb soda and vinegar, and of course the standard supermarket bought crystals.

Of course, sometimes none of those options are enough and you will need the services of a drainage specialist to get you unblocked! Before you get that far however, it is worth thinking about the reason why your drain may be blocked, because this could be the key to figuring out the best solution.

Blocked Drains in the Kitchen

The kitchen sink is one of the hardest working spots in your Logan property. All manner of bits and pieces, sauces and oils, end up being washed away down that drain.

And just like in our arteries, often the main culprits of blockages are oil and fat.

One of the best ways to help unblock and clean out kitchen drains is to use bi-carb soda, vinegar and boiling water. It’s a very simple but effective technique. Use it as follows:

  • Pour one cup of bicarb of soda down the drain, followed by one cup of white vinegar.
  • Cover the drain hole opening.
  • Wait 15 minutes to allow the vinegar and bicarb soda to unclog your drain.
  • Then, remove the drain cover and run hot tap water down the pipe to clear the blockage.

The simple science behind it is that the combination of ingredients will help to dissolve and melt the fat and clear the drain. You may have to repeat these steps a couple of times.

Blocked Drains in the Bathroom

Sometimes blocked drains in the bathroom may be due to a build up of soap and shampoo. In this case, the above remedy for the kitchen sink may work.

However, it is more common to find your bathroom sinks and drains blocked with hair – and hair doesn’t dissolve with a bit of bi-carb and vinegar.

If hair is causing the blockage, it’s time to pull out the big guns! You’ll need proper chemicals as they will have to literally burn through the hair to unclog the drain.

This is when those store bought drain products may actually be worth it. The crystals contain an acid that will destroy the hair in your drain. Be aware, the smell is intense but at least you know it’s working! You could mix up a diluted solution of Hydrochloric Acid yourself, but be careful, if your acid is too strong, it can cause damage to your pipes and drains (and it’s not good for you to breathe it either).

Expert Help for Blocked Drains Logan

Not sure what to do about blocked drains? If you have tried the home solutions but to no avail, then it’s time to get the local drain experts on the job. The team at Nuflow Logan includes licensed plumbers and drainage technicians, equipped with drain snakes and cameras – non-invasive, low cost methods they can use to determine what is blocking your pipes and where.

We are the experts when it comes to unblocking and repairing blocked drains in Logan – so call us today!

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