Why Call Your Local Drain Expert Not a General Plumber?


While some plumbing issues that occur in households can be fixed by doing it yourself, or even by calling in a general plumber, there are some issues where you need to call in the local drain expert. At Nuflow Logan, we are your local plumbing and drainage specialist firm, and have the experience as well […]

The Benefits of Pipe Relining vs Replacement


Pipe relining vs replacement – which one is better? Pipe relining seems like the clear winner, when you realise that it means being able to avoid the expense and excavation necessary to replace pipes. However, pipe relining is so much more than just repairing or rehabilitating pipes without digging, it is a way of rejuvenating […]

What Sets a Drainage Specialist Apart?


If you have a blocked or broken pipe, or drainage issues, your first thought is probably to contact a plumber – but actually, what you REALLY need is a drainage specialist! While a plumber may be helpful for some regular household repairs, other jobs require the specialist treatment. Why a Drainage Specialist? We turn to […]

What to do About Blocked Drains

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If you’ve lived in your home for long enough, you will eventually encounter a blocked pipe or drain. Whether it’s a backyard sewer, or a sink in the kitchen or the bathroom, there’s often more than just water disappearing down that plug hole! There are many types of blockages, and there are just as many […]

Why You Don’t Want Blocked Stormwater Drains come Storm Season!

The last thing you want in storm season, is to find out the hard way that you have blocked stormwater drains – so here are our tips to help prevent flooding and other issues. In south-east Queensland, our storm season traditionally runs from November through to April. Add to that a La Nina weather pattern, […]

Unblocking Drains: To DIY or Call in a Professional?

Should you have a go at unblocking drains yourself, or is it something that is best left in the hands of a professional? While in some cases blocked drains occur simply due to a build-up of drain sludge, often it’s an indication of a bigger underlying issue. Here are some tips to help you determine […]