The Benefits of Pipe Relining vs Replacement

Pipe relining vs replacement – which one is better?

Pipe relining seems like the clear winner, when you realise that it means being able to avoid the expense and excavation necessary to replace pipes.

However, pipe relining is so much more than just repairing or rehabilitating pipes without digging, it is a way of rejuvenating old, worn and damaged pipes that brings a range of benefits.


As your local plumbing and drainage specialists in the Logan area, we are well versed in the benefits of pipe relining vs replacement, which include:

  • No digging, excavation, destruction or disruption – avoid damage to your property with minimal disruption during the installation.
  • Environmentally safe – environmentally-friendly pipe repair technology that gives significantly fewer negative environmental impacts.
  • Reliable and durable – relined pipes have a longer lifespan.
  • Increase pipe effectiveness and fluid flow rate – pipe relining creates a smooth surface in the inside of your pipes which increases the flow capacity and reduces obstructions.
  • Helping to prevent blocked drains.
  • Most pipe repairs can be completed in one day – one of the biggest benefits of pipe relining vs replacement is that the relining process takes a fraction of the time of traditional piping methods.
  • 50-year guarantee on standard residential relining – we use quality products that last.
  • Fix leaks and prevent tree root intrusion.
  • Prevent lead and other contaminates leaching from the pipe into the water.
  • The relined pipe has greater strength than a new pipe, according to independent tests.
  • Providing a structural repair – even to sections where there is no existing pipe.

Ultimately the benefits of pipe relining can be summed up with this: peace of mind, knowing that your pipes have been rehabilitated with an effective, reliable and long-lasting solution with minimal disruption to your home and garden.

If blocked drains or broken pipes are a persistent problem occurring in your house, either from small persistent leaks to burst pipes, then pipe relining is recommended to repair and extend the life of your pipes.


If you have any questions about pipe relining vs replacement, or need no dig sewer line repair or water pipe rehabilitation, contact the team at Nuflow Logan today. Our friendly and professional team services suburbs across the Logan area, inlcuding Springwood, Slacks Creek, Daisy Hill, Loganholme, Browns Plains, Greenbank, New Beith, Munruben, North/South Maclean and Jimboomba.

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