What Sets a Drainage Specialist Apart?

If you have a blocked or broken pipe, or drainage issues, your first thought is probably to contact a plumber – but actually, what you REALLY need is a drainage specialist!

While a plumber may be helpful for some regular household repairs, other jobs require the specialist treatment.

Why a Drainage Specialist?

We turn to specialists all the time when it comes to looking after ourselves, because we know that medical professionals can’t be experts in everything.

The same goes for the trades we rely on to keep our environment in perfect working order. Taking the time to do your research is important!

4 Things that set a Specialist Apart

1 – Experience

A drainage expert is experienced in:

  • Storm water drainage,
  • Backyard drainage,
  • Landscape drainage, and
  • Sewer systems

No matter what your drainage issue, they have likely seen it all before and know exactly what to look for and what solutions to offer.

2 – Specialised Equipment

A specialist has access to the best and latest technology – such as CCTV drain cameras – and are experts in delivering cost effective solutions.

3 – Fast Fix

Because a specialist knows what they are doing and has the right equipment, you can be assured that the job is done quickly and without delay.  This reduces the risk of any other related problems arising, and keeps the disruption to your life to a minimum!

4 – Guaranteed Work

If you use a drainage specialist, the work they will be guaranteed to rectify the problem – giving you peace of mind.

Contact Us for Specialist Drain Repair

At Nuflow Logan, we offer innovative and environmentally friendly pipe repair solutions, that make it possible for broken pipes to be repaired from the inside – without the need for major excavation works. It’s just like keyhole surgery for your pipes!

We have been providing this type of specialist solution to plumbers, landlords, body corporates and property owners, in residential and commercial premises across Logan for more than a decade.

Call us today on 1800 683 569 to find out more about how our drainage specialists can help with a cost effective solution that ensures minimum disruption to your home, building and environment.

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