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Nuflow North Harbour Take On A Superyacht

When we first think of a superyacht we think of this large, luxurious sailing yacht. Though beside living your best life on a mega yacht it’s not often people give much thought to superyacht plumbing on such beautiful vessels.

These luxury yachts spend most of their time in the ocean, travelling the world of the endless seas and beaches, to only spend a few hours at port.  Though there comes a time, once or twice a year, where a superyacht will dock at a port for essential maintenance to be worked on.  This is usually completed in a tight schedule with small downtime until it sets off to sea again.


Nuflow jump on board of the mega yacht to start pipe repairs

The problem: The pipe system on the New Zealand yacht is used daily to clean the decks and provide water for firefighting purposes. However, the crew found that the 50mm aluminium fire suppression pipe system to be corroded and leaking profusely throughout the vessel.

This has caused cracking, holes, and scale build-up within the pipes of the mega yacht. Due to the fire suppression system drawing saltwater into the pipeline from the ocean and the saltwater has deteriorated at the aluminium pipe.

What made matters worse for the yacht was each time the firefighting system was tested it leaked excessively within the yacht. This then causing damage and mess to exquisite finishes and furnishings within the stateroom and other quarters.

Nuflow North Harbour to the rescue: Nuflow North Harbour was called to inspect and repair the mega yacht docked in port for only 14 days at Auckland Harbour until it sets out to sea again.

With over 40 years’ experience fixing pipes and superyacht plumbing being a first for Nuflow North Harbour, there was no hesitation when asked to look at the New Zealand yacht. Nuflow North Harbour are specialists and highly reputable at pipe relining solutions for all types of pipes including sewer and stormwater. So, we were enthusiastic to jump aboard and provide the repair solution for the vessel.


Solution: When choosing which product to reline an aluminium fire service line it would initially be Nuflow’s Redline Epoxy coating system. However, in this situation, Nuflow’s Blueline structural pipe relining solution would be required to rehabilitate the pipe, due to the extensive cracks and other concerns, for the vessel’s pipe system.

Using Nuflow’s Blueline product within the superyacht pipe system will benefit and increase the effectiveness of the fluid flow rate within the pipe. It also provided a structural repair that has greater strength properties than the new pipe and it seals and protects the system from further deterioration, dramatically extending the life of the superyacht piping system.

Unlike your standard drainage pipe with sweeping bends, the New Zealand yacht posed some challenges with tight bends amongst the vessel when relining the small 50mm diameter pipe. Nuflow North Harbour was able to enter and exit the bends without getting caught and enabling minimal disruption during the installation, due to having the latest equipment to propel the pipelining within the pipe.

The access to the pipeline within the New Zealand superyacht could only be reached in a few places, as the pipe system was built into the superstructure. This was no concern for Nuflow North Harbour as with smart planning and finesse, the entire system was cleaned, relined and repaired within the limited window of time, ensuring the mega yacht was able to set out to sea as planned.

Maintenance on any superyacht can be quite costly. So, choosing pipe relining is a cost-effective repair method for superyacht plumbing, as well as water, sewer, and stormwater pipes.


If you have corroded, blocked or damaged pipes or have questions about whether pipelining is right for your project our fully licenced reline plumbers will provide you with a tailored solution for your pipes so you can enjoy the benefits of choosing pipe relining.

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